Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! It feels like summer is officially here, can't wait to soak up some sun this weekend.

Here are some links to get us started:

This made me tear up a little. Love that Mylo will get to watch Reading Rainbow.

This looks delicious and healthy.

Interesting stuff. 

Are these really back in style? I'm tempted, would you wear them? MK and Ashley did with socks!

Cute kid and great cause.

Hilarious speech, watch now.

Super cute idea for scattering during the exit at a wedding.

This movie looks funny, love Tina Fey.

Bold and bright London townhouse.

Yummy for summer.

30 day-trips from Seattle!


Project Pinterest: Ginger Ale

I decided to start of my summer of crafts, creating and DIY with something super simple- a simple syrup. 

Jason and I drink a TON of ginger beer/ginger ale. I tell myself it's "healthy" since it has real ginger in it. 

When you buy the good stuff, made real ginger, it isn't cheap.  So it's something I've been wanting to try making for awhile.

I'd been eying a couple of fairly intimidating recipes- involving food processing and straining and things. A lot of steps and a lot of dishes to clean in the end.

Then I discovered this recipe from David Lebovitz, which is SUPER simple. You don't even have to peel the ginger!  

Once you make the simple syrup it'll keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. Just mix it in a glass with some ice and sparkling water. Adjust the amounts based on how gingery you like it. I like it with a bit of lemon or lime squeezed in. 

It's perfect to turn into a mixed drink as well, just add your favorite liquor. 

Getting a Summer Glow

I am extremely, VERY, very pale. And as hard as I may have tried in the past, I don't get tan from the sun. So in order to get a "summer glow" I need to resort to self tanners and bronzers without turning the dreaded orange. This summer I'm going to try out Dr. Dennis Gross' self tanning "Glow Pads." My sister is obsessed with them because they give an even, natural looking tan and the alpha and beta hydroxy mean that you don't have to exfoliate first -- plus they help with aging and provide a smoother skin. I'm sold! I'll let you know how it goes...

Any other sunless tanning products that you love out there? I've been using the Jergens Natural Glow after I shave which makes me ever so slightly less pale. :)

Wedding Wednesday: A Moment

The best wedding photos capture the moments in which you see love.

We're working on our new website, and I LOVE this moment captured from Christian & Jaclyn's ceremony. Much more to come soon, when the new site is live! 

Photo: Studio JKoe

Interactive Cocktail Menu

Between pregnancy and having a newborn, last summer was kind of a wash for me in the cocktail department. This summer I'd love to mix up some fancy drinks to enjoy the warm Seattle summer. I love these glasses from Anthropologie but they are a bit pricey, any tips out there on where to find great cocktail glasses at a reasonable price?

Have you seen this awesome interactive cocktail menu that Rosie Schaap put out through the NY Times? I got margarita, surprise, surprise.

(Image from the NY Times)

Nashville & a Photo Trick

Jason and I spent the weekend in Nashville shooting a friend's wedding.  

It was a quick trip, but we did get a couple of hours to hang around one night and be tourists. We headed downtown, got some ice cream, meandered past the bright lights and bars blasting country music and walked across the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge to snap some night shots of the skyline. I decided I wanted a photo of us, and we took the shot above. Immediately after Jason posted it on Instagram, he got a couple texts from friends asking how he did it. 

I tried to get him to tell people we were actually one bought that. 

The real answer is super simple. You too can be a ghost! It's just a long exposure done with an app called Slow Shutter Cam. Because the camera shutter stays open much longer than a normal shot, it lets in more light, which is how you capture night shots, but it also blurs any movement- hence ghost Jason and Jenny. To get the shot right, take a couple shots, changing settings to get to the correct exposure for the background. This exposure was 15 seconds. Then just as if you're using a self timer setting,  set it on something get the angle right, hit the button and awkwardly run into the photo and FREEZE! It's important to hold as still as you can while the shutter is open, then run back out and see if it worked. 

Now go make some ghost photos yourself! 

Would You Hire a Birth Photographer?

The idea of someone photographing the birth of my baby always seemed a bit odd to me before Mylo was born. I wanted the experience of giving birth to be intimate and really only include Patrick, myself, our doula, and minimal assistance from medical professionals along the way. If you've read his birth story you know I didn't really get my wish. Now that I can reflect on the experience it might be nice to have some classy, professional, birth photos to look back on now. Especially because the natural part of my labor was so overshadowed by the needed interventions that took place in the end. I'm so grateful for the photos that Jason was able to snap just after I met Myles for the first time. I was so drugged I barely even remember him taking them but they are very special to us now. I recently read an article on Babble about how in a C-section delivery, birth photography can be even more important since the photos will serve as the eyes of the mother since she can't see what is happening.

I tried to take photos when my sister gave birth to Rory but I did NOT do the moment justice. It was one of the most beautiful and magical moments I have ever experienced and I just wasn't able to capture that with my camera. Although it may be weird to have a stranger or acquaintance in the room during this intimate moment it would also be nice to have those private photos for years to come.

These are lovely photos of a birth and here is an interesting interview with a birth photographer. Did you hire a birth photographer? Would you?


Friday Roundup

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend. Teresa and I are kicking it off with a Mariners game tonight with friends. Even though Seattle weather usually doesn't kick into summer-mode until after the Fourth of July, I always think of Memorial Day as the beginning summertime. I can't believe it's here! I'm dreaming up plans to enjoy as much of it as possible and I hope you get to as well.

Ryan & Julie on Anderson Cooper talking about the 30/30 Project.

Stop washing your jeans!

I've been listening to this track on repeat, it's so lovely and calming.

My beloved Karama, gets a GREAT shoutout on the Huffington Post.

What do people in your state google?  I have to say, didn't google "unicorn tattoo" until after I saw this map. I had to see what all the fuss was about!

Love this summery knit...

The New York Times discusses The Bachelorette. Do you watch the show? I have in the past, but overall am not a fan. I appreciated reading varying perspectives.

Digitally redecorate your desktop or home screen with springy watercolors.

Amazon Prime Video just added HBO Shows, now I know what I'll be watching all summer.

Photo: Bikers in Siem Reap, Cambodia-shot by Jason in 2009.

Project Pinterest LIVES!

After creatively stacking books in my fireplace last week, it's like the floodgates opened. I'm itching to be crafty again. Remember the summer of 2012- when we made mud pies into stepping stones and magically turned wine bottles into pretty vases? I've decided to bring Project Pinterest back for the summer.

My rather lofty DIY goals for this summer include:

-Sewing throw pillows with the fabric I've purchased while traveling (not to get ahead of myself too much, the first step is learning how to use a sewing machine...)

-Making kombucha & homemade cheese

-Making shelves, painting some walls, getting creative with photos...anything to make my home more homey

-Creating gifts for friends: candles, jewelry, the like

What do you think? Anyone have a good craft project for me to try?

Wedding Wednesday: Starting the Race…Creative Exits

Peter & Margaret met while running the Boston Marathon a few years back, so starting a race was the perfect wedding exit for them, and pretty adorable way to symbolically start off their marriage. 
In preparation for their exit, they changed into their running shoes, put on race numbers. To complete the wedding exit look, they added "Just Married" signs and ran off into the night dragging cans behind them! 

Would You Assign Seats at a Dinner Party?

Lately I've been thinking about an Irish etiquette point that I miss from our days in Dublin. In Ireland, it is considered poor manners to sit next to your spouse/partner at a dinner party or event. The general thought is that you already spend so much time with your partner, the point of being out is to meet new people and converse with others. This comes naturally to Patrick and I...not to say that we don't enjoy being around each other, but when we are out we naturally tend to chat with different crowds and Patrick in particular loves to meet new people.

I've never assigned seating at a dinner party (we didn't even do it at our wedding!) but I think there is actually something really nice about putting thought into where people sit and who would be most interested in chatting with whom. Jenny and the girls did a great job of assigning seating at my baby shower, everyone seemed to be getting along well and they seated me next to the out of town guests.

Would you feel comfortable going to an event or party and sitting separately from your partner? Do you assign seating at parties you throw?

PS. Tips on seating arrangements at a party (Patrick is definitely the Charmer!) and dinner party etiquette from 60 years ago (ATTN: JENNY).



Have you seen the preview for the new movie Belle? It is based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, daughter of a slave woman and a Royal Navy Admiral, living in 18th century London with her uncle and cousin. It's getting great reviews from critics and friends alike and is a breakout role for the star, Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Can't wait to see it!

Spectacle: The Music Video

I'm in a museum.


Spectacle: The Music Video, a traveling exhibit opened at the EMP in Seattle this past weekend, it'll be there through January if you'd like to go see my face- I mean, if you'd like to see the exhibit :).

While the rest of the show has been traveling, at each stop they feature a local artist, hence a section featuring the videos of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Seattle. I'm thrilled to have been included in a video reel of interviews along with many of the talented people I've worked with in the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis camp over the years.

If you grew up watching MTV, this exhibit is for you. I was absolutely honored to have something I worked on featured alongside some of my all-time favorite videos. But overall, the thing I loved the most was how music videos were getting their due and being appreciated as art.

Here I am at the opening along with my fellow "Can't Hold Us" producers, Honna Kimmerer and Tricia Davis.

Monday Motivation

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is doing great! We had a wonderful time at the Construction for Change 30/30 Project event last night. My mom hit it out of the park with her keynote if I do say so myself. We are looking forward to getting some rest this weekend and maybe some spring cleaning.

Here are some links to kick off the weekend!

These popsicles look refreshing, delicious and easy to make. Might have to try them out!

Nifty infographic on what type of bra is right for every body.

Gorgeous Lake Como wedding.

This great interview makes me actually want to see the new movie Neighbors.

A day in the life of an employee at Honest Company (love their diapers!).

Fascinating graphic with the most popular language spoken by state (besides English and Spanish), surprised by how much German is on there!

This story makes me love living in the PNW, yay for "Granny!"

I want this umbrella.

Great tools and tips for travel from The Fresh Exchange.

What to wear with a post baby bump.

New fall TV show previews! The new Shonda Rhimes drama looks...dramatic.

Fabulous powder room remodel, love those cat prints!

French macaroon baking 101.

Tales from a birth photographer.

(Image of Fresh Mint Ginger Lemonade)

30/30 Project Update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to quickly say thank you to all of you who have supported the 30/30 Project that I wrote about a couple of weeks back. The campaign has raised $134,000 so far! That's enough to fully fund a healthcare center in the Neno District of Malawi and well on the way to funding a clinic in Kangundo, Kenya! The Indigogo campaign page will be up and running until next Wednesday May 21st so if you haven't donated yet please consider helping with this important clinic.

Tonight is the Construction for Change benefit event which will feature a gallery of Jenny and Jason's photos from their recent trip to Malawi. I am looking forward to seeing them and hearing from my amazing mom who is the keynote speaker!

Also, as you can see, Ryan and my mom met Anderson Cooper on Monday! Check out their segment on Friday's episode of Anderson Cooper 360.

Seattle Spotlight: Bottlehouse

Here in Seattle we are in the middle of abnormally wonderful, warm weather. This week Patrick and Myles picked me up from work and we had a delightful happy hour on the deck at Bottlehouse in Madrona. They have the cutest little garden patio that is perfect for outdoor dining on warm days. I couldn't believe there weren't more people there! They also had not one, not two, but THREE Rosé's on happy hour special. 

I think this place would be a wonderful venue for a party, shower, or any type of event in the summer. Added bonus, it's about three doors down from the original Glassybaby store where you can watch them blow the glass right in front of your eyes. 

 (Image Image)

Springtime Fireplace

After cleaning out my fireplace, it was looking pretty lonely. Knowing it wouldn't have a cozy fire in it for months, I piled as many interesting looking clothbound books in there as I could find scattered throughout our house. Decluttering the house of random piles of books was the added bonus!

I wish you could see all of the book titles, I really do have a odd variety in there- from a beautiful old copy of Jane Eyre to the the 1980's personal style classic Color Me Beautiful (what season are you?), some beautiful gold gilded books of poetry and some newer hardcover books with the dust jackets removed.

If you're looking for old books in Seattle, I recommend hitting up Seattle Public Library book sales

Myles: Nine Months Old

Better late than never right?! Myles will actually be 10 months old on the 20th. As you can see he is loving the warm weather we have been blessed with in Seattle this spring. He is a happy baby who loves being outside, playing with his blocks and toys, munching on all types of food (especially blueberries, oatmeal, carrots and bread), laughing, and "playing" with Rafa. He still has no teeth (!) and is working on crawling but not quite there. The older he gets the more fun we are having, we love our little "butter bean."

Monday Motivation

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. I'm hoping for sun on Mother's Day so the picnic I've planned can actually be a picnic!

30/30 met it's initial $100,000 goal. Yay! Thanks to all of you who supported it! And if you'd still like to give, it isn't too late, we're working on the next $100,000 so we can build another clinic.

A man and his ducklings

Wooden Car that is roadworthy

A better way to share airplane armrests

Swimming with pigs and other vacations for animal lovers

Mother's Day DIY, you're never too old to make her something!

Top-sellers at Trader Joe's (I recommend that guac!)

Simple ginger beer recipe that I've been meaning to try

Handy charts for petting your pets

Photo by Kate Price

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Locally Made

Still looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Here are a few suggestions on local shopping in Seattle. A great way to love your mom and support local artists and small business owners, many of which are moms too!

The Ballard Art Walk is this Saturday. That gives you a lot of great options.
While your in Ballard, check out Velouria, which features beautiful clothing, all made by independent designers including many from the Northwest and other beautifully designed gifts like the journal above. Lucca Great Finds is the perfect place to pick up a beautiful card among other things.

The U-District Farmers Market is also on Saturday. The perfect place to grab some locally made wine and cheese or how about kombucha, smoked salmon, kim-chee, truffles or honey for the foodie mom.

Melrose Market is great for flowers and gifts and meats and cheeses to make your mom a great meal.

Paper Delights in Wallingford is fun to browse through for the perfect card.

There's always the Seattle staple gift, Glassybaby. Pick out one with meaning like "gratitude"(above). Check out their Mother's Day suggestions. Not only is this an ever-growing small business started by a mom, they give 10% to great charities.

Nube Green on Capitol Hill is filled with wonderful finds, all sustainably made by artists all over the U.S.  I think the "Call Your Mother" pillow (above) is hilarious. 

Baby Gear: Six to Nine Month Favorites

Baby GearSix to Nine Month Favorites

1. Bumkins Bibs: We LOVE these bibs. They are cute, easy to wash in the sink or laundry, don't stain and keep the food off baby. 

2. Baby Led Weaning book: BLW was a huge success for us. I wrote about it here. This book provided basics on what to feed him, how to be safe, and some good recipes. 

3. Halo Sleep Sack: As soon as Mylo graduated from his Summer Infant Swaddles we started him in a sleep sack. We use the fleece one from Halo which enables us to turn our heat down at night and save money. Beware the XL size though, I just ordered it and it's so big I swear I could sleep in it!

4. Blocks: We have this Fisher Price set from Patrick's aunt and Mylo loves opening the box and taking things in and out. I love toys that will last for a long time and grow with him. He doesn't understand shapes yet but I can see this being a great toy for a while. (Bonus: Patrick's aunt said she had this when her kids were young and the uncles used to have a few drinks and time who was the fastest with getting blocks in. Ha!)

5. Zara pants: I wrote here about how much we love Zara baby clothes. Their pants in particular are THE BEST. I have been giving them as gifts right and left. They are stylish, super soft, not too tight (Mylo is a big boy!), and actually fit the size they say they should. I need to get Mylo the shorts version for summer. 

6. Happy Puffs: These little "O's" as we call them are a LIFESAVER. We bring them everywhere with us and they keep Mylo happy while waiting for food at restaurants, on the ferry, waiting for his oatmeal to be done in the morning, etc. They only have 25 calories for 75 O's so they are basically air...wonderful, wonderful air. 

7. JellyCat books: These crinkle books from Jellycat are a crowd favorite at our house. I love the cat one obviously. 

8. NoseFrida Snotsucker: This thing is genius. When Mylo had a cold I was using it multiple times a day, it's very simple but amazing at what it does, snotsucking. Ha.

9. Ergo Carrier: I tried sooooo many carriers from when Mylo was born. He hated them all. He hated the Ergo with the infant insert. Then finally when he hit six months he miraculously started loving it! We use it every day and leave the stroller behind a lot now. I also use it around the house since carrying around at 24 lb baby is no joke!

PS. 4-6 Month Favorites, 2-3 Month Favorites, & 1st Month Favorites. 

Wedding Wednesday: A Bicycle Built for Two...Creative Exits

For the next few weeks, we will be bringing you creative exit ideas. Just a few unique ways to leave in style.

First up, Rob & Meg who pedaled off from their reception on a tandem bike built by the groom!

This is definitely for a bride more willing to be adventurous in her wedding dress.

If you're wanting to do any sort of bike exit from your wedding, I'd recommend trying it out in your wedding dress ahead of time, or at least practicing to make sure you can bend however you need to to get on and stay on!

Meg knew ahead of time that pedaling wasn't going to be possible for her in the dress, so you'll notice in the photos that she opted to keep her feet and the train of her dress up and out of the way.

These guys successfully made it from Sodo to their hotel downtown Seattle.

Next week: leaving your reception on foot! 

Also, if you have a wedding coming up soon, here are a few of my past posts with tips for right before the big day:

Last minute wedding advice

A shoe tip

Have you picked a scent?

Details to make the day run smoothly


Ideas for programs

Images by Studio JKoe

Pantry Success!

My pantry is no longer filled with pasta that expired in 2011 AND I can park my vacuum in there now, hooray! It's the little things in life that make me oh so happy.

I now know: how to clean vases & when food expires*

The weirdest thing I found: Spray on hair dye, the kind you buy for halloween. It was living between the food processor, some cereal and lightbulbs- clearly the best place to keep it. Also, it had expired.

How to keep it clean: I finally threw away an unopened, Costco sized box of rice noodles after discovering that had expired a couple years back. I'd bought it on a whim thinking that someday I might try and make my own Pad Thai. A restaurant called Amazing Thai (and rightfully so) delivers to our house, why would I EVER make my own Thai food? From now on, I'm sticking to tried and true pantry staples. The grocery store is so close, I can easily run and grab anything I don't have on hand when I know I'm actually going to follow through on making it.

*Seriously though,! It's exactly as it sounds, a site that tells you when things go bad, incredibly handy for things that are opened or maybe aren't in their original packaging anymore.

Braids, Buns and Twists

I was chatting with my hair colorist a couple weeks ago about how I'd like to get more experimental with new types of hair styles-- I'm bored of just wearing it down or in a bun/ponytail. She recommended this wonderful book called Braids, Buns and Twists. The layout of the book is easy to follow (think 82 Pinterest DIY hair tutorials) and compact with great photos and instructions. I'd like to try the "Crowning Braid" below:

Monday Motivation

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! We have been in the middle of a heat wave in Seattle this week and I think the whole town is just blissed out on sunshine. Sadly, it ends today. We are headed out to Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands today, excited to whale watch and relax on the Puget Sound.

Hope you have a great weekend! Here are some links to get us started:

Best video ever.


Mary Kate Olsen's just bought an incredible home in NY.

Inspiring $70 bathroom makeover.

I thought this was a touching post on Cup of Jo this week, the woman she interviewed has a great blog too.

11 cool Seattle moms (including our friend Kisha!) give Mother's Day gift ideas.

How to make really cheap and big photos for parties and such.

Chocolate chip cookie SMORES. This needs to be on my summer bucket list.

Cute Mother's Day gift guide.

Incredible Pulitzer Prize winning photos and the story behind them.

High profile movies' original titles-- Pretty Woman was 3000?

10 ways to get out of a funk. 

These surfboard swim diapers are on their way for Mylo, summer is almost here!

50 best children's books from the last 25 years.

Crazy beautiful cake.


Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Fair Trade

This year for Mother's Day share the love by purchasing fair trade and supporting artisans around the world who are making wonderful things. You can give the all the moms in your life a beautiful gift and explain that it's purchase is supporting a better life for women, some mothers just like them, all around the world. 

Scarf- Made by women (and some men too!) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for Karama Gifts. I visited their workspace and met the artisans who make these scarves and let me tell you, a lot of hard work goes in to the process. From spinning fibers to yarn and dying it to working it together thread by thread on giant looms, these are beautifully crafted. ON SALE TODAY! (MAY 1st) 

Sandals- Made in Uganda, the mission of Sseko Designs is to not only create fashionable sandals and accessories but to provide income for women to go on to attend university. 

Bracelet- This Mother of Pearl and Silver bracelet is made in Zanzibar . I been to their studio and watched as this lively group of women turned large pieces of shell into delicate jewelry-all while laughing and chatting with each other. 

Purse- Made in Guatemala by Uxibal. Their goal is to improve the lives of local women by teaching and employing them to make fashionable leather goods. I love their boots too! 

Pitcher- This beautiful silver pitcher would make a lovely gift filled with spring flowers. Made by a collective in India who mainly employs stay at home moms! Sold by Ten Thousand Villages online and perhaps at a store near you. 

Throw Pillow- Made in Vietnam and sold by Ten Thousand Villages. 

Picture Frame- Add in a #tbt worthy photo of you and your mom from back in the day and you've got a priceless treasure. Made in the Philippines, by an organization created to support marginalized women and youth. 

Body Butter- This lavender body butter is handmade in Malawi and sold by Karama Gifts, a non-profit who sells products made by artisans from all across Africa. 

Necklace- If you're more of a last minute gift giver and don't have time to wait for something to be shipped, look for this beautiful necklace at Anthropologie! It's made by artists in Kenya. You'll find other fairly traded goodies on their shelves too! 

PS. Check back next week and we will be featuring locally made products from the Seattle area and other small businesses across the U.S. 

Want more ideas?  Check out our new Pinterest board "Fair Trade & Locally Made" 

Found! The Perfect Nursing Top

I was meandering around Lululemon recently and happened upon the PERFECT nursing sweater/top. It's a little bit pricey but it's hard to imagine I'm not going to be wearing it every other day. The "twist & wrap" top can be worn in two different ways (sweater and cardigan style) and is loose everywhere except the arms (perfect for pregnancy and post-pregnancy weight changes). I'm in love. It's a great top whether you're expecting, nursing, or just want a cozy sweater.