1st Month Favorites: Baby Gear

Mylo in his Snuggle Nest
Here is my favorite "stuff" from Myles' first month!

Easy access clothes: I bought a bunch of adorable clothes that he ended up wearing very briefly because they were just too difficult to get on and off! Having a fussy baby around made me grab for the most convenient and easily accessed clothing. I especially LOVE the Peek "Happy Pants", little kimono shirts, and zip (not button!) pajamas.

Old-fashioned cloth diapers: A friend's mom sent me a pack of these to us for everything from spit up to preventing Myles from peeing on me during diaper changes. We have used them constantly since day one, and have them on every surface in our house for the little messes that come up every day here. 

Bouncy exercise ball: I don't know what we would do without this one, absolute essential for us and the one sure way to get Mylo to calm down. We had one sitting in our basement for "exercising" that we brought upstairs and have used at least 10x per day since he was born. 

Mom nipple butter: This Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter has been a lifesaver for me as Myles learned to breastfeed and then when I started pumping. It smells great and is all natural. 

Biodegradable Diapers/Wipes - We love our Honest diapers and wipes! The cute prints make diaper changes a little more fun and Myles hasn't had any diaper rashes yet. 
Honest diapers and Peek Happy Pants - Love!

White Noise - I thought the white noise machines were just for Myles - not so much. I have probably used his white noise machine as much as he has to drown out all of his little baby noises in the night so I can get some sleep! We have this adorable Giraffe one that I love, it has a 20 minute or 45 minute setting. 

Portable Basinet - This Snuggle Nest bed has been perfect to carry around the house so Mylo can nap anywhere. It also traveled well to Priest Lake when we were there for his third week of life.

Dry shampoo- a new mom's best friend, love the Klorane brand.  

Zing Bars - I've already written about my love for these amazing gluten-free bars. They kept me alive after my c-section. The chocolate-coconut ones are by far the best, so tasty. 

Swaddlers - We tried to use the Aden & Anais swaddlers but either we are terrible at wrapping him or he is Houdini-baby because we were never really successful (although the A&A swaddlers are useful for about 100 other purposes!). We had way more success with the Summer Infant SwaddleMe because they have velcro to keep the little guy from busting free. 

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  1. This is wonderful! Thankfully I have at least a few of these supplies in tow. I was wondering about the onesies for newborns, it would seem like they wouldn't want all those outfits pulled on over and off their heads so frequently. Good to know!