Springtime Fireplace

After cleaning out my fireplace, it was looking pretty lonely. Knowing it wouldn't have a cozy fire in it for months, I piled as many interesting looking clothbound books in there as I could find scattered throughout our house. Decluttering the house of random piles of books was the added bonus!

I wish you could see all of the book titles, I really do have a odd variety in there- from a beautiful old copy of Jane Eyre to the the 1980's personal style classic Color Me Beautiful (what season are you?), some beautiful gold gilded books of poetry and some newer hardcover books with the dust jackets removed.

If you're looking for old books in Seattle, I recommend hitting up Seattle Public Library book sales


  1. I´m a big fan of your blog and love the diverseness in your posts. Love the friday round-ups.
    Thank you :)