The Baby Shower

Brittany and I co-hosted a shower for Teresa this past weekend, thankfully we had the help of our very talented party planning friends Alicia and Danielle. I overheard Danielle telling someone at the shower, "Every pregnant lady should have a blog!" And it's totally true, the theme and inspiration for this shower came from Teresa's blog post about nursery decor: neutrals, pops of colors, eclectic and animals

Our biggest challenge, how to fit 20+ people into my house! Our solution was one giant table. Brittany's husband Victor did an amazing job of building an additional 2 tables that matched the height and length of my dining room table exactly. 

The sheepskins thrown here and there on the backs of chairs and antlers in with the table decor definitely added to the eclectic feel. 

Alicia and Danielle bought little plastic animals and painted them bright colors. Bigger ones ran down the length of the table and  little tiny ones to decorate corks! 

Another way we added pops of color was painting the bottoms of all of the clear wine bottles. Some were filled with white wine, others were used for water. It was a inexpensive and practical way to add color since we needed drinks anyway. 

Since we lucked out with a gorgeous day and we had to put my living room furniture somewhere anyway, we set it up outside and transitioned everyone to the backyard to open gifts. To really get the feel of a living room outside, we included little touches like the lamp and hanging photos. 

Thankfully I have lots of large safari photos on hand which was an easy way to add to the decor. Most were from our trip to Kenya  shooting for Construction for Change last year. 

All in all, shower success! And now we're just waiting for this little guy to be ready to come out so we can dress him in all of his new cute clothes! 

Images by Jason & I, except the last. Belly photo by Brooke Johnson. 


  1. I love the living room outside! It all looks so chic and adorable!

  2. So cute! What a great group of girls to throw a party!

  3. OH MY GOSH. This was just the best shower. Good job ladies!

  4. This was the cutest and most fun shower, I've been to! Such imagination and Teresa was so cute in person!

  5. Backyard living room. Definitely stealing that idea.