Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend ahead. Patrick and Mylo got hit with the stomach flu this week (arggg) so we are in recovery mode over here, hopefully we'll be well enough to celebrate my little niece Kenedee's THIRD birthday tomorrow (where does time go???).

Here are some links to get us started.

Why we loved Gilbert Blythe. RIP Jonathan Crombie.

So excited for this movie about my favorite music venues.

These "new words" made me laugh.

Very helpful article for those who interact regularly with toddlers.

Apparently this is the best possible US road trip (according to science?)

Game of Thrones fans- this will make you laugh.

Made me feel guilty, in a good way.

This is pretty hilarious and stars a few of my favorite leading ladies. (bad language for work)

Northwest Bucket List!


Would you wear a jumpsuit?

Would you ever wear a jumper? I tried on a few when we were in Argentina but couldn't quite find one that fit me right. I think they are super cute and a fun alternative to a dress at a wedding or cocktail party but it's hard to find the right fit! Here are a few cute ones that I'm eyeing from Nordstrom (all under $150). The first and last ones are my favorite. 

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! I hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead. As for me, I'm in the beginning of craziness. I'm a producer on a big project that's about a week away from filming! I'm very excited to be a part of it as it's something different than I've ever done before, it's a feature film! Well, a small independent one, but still. So, I'm sad to say that I'll be leaving the blog world for the next few weeks to be able to focus my energy on that project. Teresa will still be posting and I hope to pop back in to share updates if I can find the time.

This Tanya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan Museum is in someone's apartment and I want to to it!

Espresso in space

Hands down, the cutest, sweetest cat of the week. 

Alternatively, the creepiest cat of the week. 

No kitchen is complete without Nessie the ladle monster.

A tip for perfect grilled cheese

Secrets of personal organizers 

Google is trying to save us from spoilers! 

Image @jkoephoto

Seattle Spotlight: Discovery Park

Seattle has a lot of great urban nature spaces but few can compete with Discovery Park in Magnolia. The three-mile loop within the park passes through forest, fields, sand, and cliffs along the Puget Sound. We LOVE going there with Mylo because it’s never overcrowded and he can run wild on the trails. Here are a few pictures of our walk there last Saturday, it was so nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air after having been cooped up sick for a few weeks. Happy spring everyone!

DTLA Vintage Engagement Shoot

Jason and I had a lovely time doing engagement photos in Downtown LA with Anto and Tania this past weekend. We were thrilled that they rented a vintage Porche for the shoot.

When they explained their reasoning behind it, I realized it was all the more brilliant. Basically, since they don't have need for a car on their wedding day they thought it would be fun to incorporate it into their engagement photos. AND the best part is, we had plenty of time to shoot them in the car and really make use of it, rather than if they'd just rented it to drive away at the end of their wedding reception.

Photos Studio JKoe via @jkoephoto 

Packing For Our Big Trip

A couple of months ago Jenny posted her airplane essentials and now I'm going to hop on board with what I packed for our trip our recent trip to Argentina. Over the years I've learned that I don't like lugging around a huge suitcase and have gotten pretty good at packing light. For our 10 day trip in February both Patrick and I decided not to check bags since we had two layovers and were switching airlines along the way. Since we were heading on a city-focused vacation I figured I could just shop for anything that I forgot or didn't think to pack.

I brought mostly sample-sized versions of my beauty products that I was able to toss out and make room for treasures we picked up on our trip. Disclaimer: It is MUCH easier to pack light when going to a warm location! I brought only one pair of pants, one pair of leggings and one sweater (that I wore pretty much every night) and the rest was sun dresses, shorts/skirts, and light weight tops. I packed a pair of Converse, Birkenstocks, and gladiator sandals, which was the perfect amount of shoe options. Also, I’m obsessed with these bra’s (which I also wore all through pregnancy and breastfeeding) and wore my hat from Target pretty much every day. Since we stayed in three different hotels and took a domestic flight while we were there I was so glad to have just my small bag to carry around. It was a challenge to fit everything on our way home but we sacrificed a couple of books we’d already read and managed to squeeze it all in.

What are your packing tricks?? Jenny, would love to hear yours!

Monday Motivation

This is painted on the wall of a cafe in London. Happy Monday everyone. 

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! We are FINALLY starting to get over our colds, slowly but surely. Looking forward to entering back into the world this weekend and getting some spring cleaning done around our place. Hope you have a good one!

Great tips for how  much to tip.


Love this house, can I please live around a courtyard??

From my sickbed I watched all of this last weekend, SO good.

Coloring books for adults.

Addicted to this game.

Great cooking tip and how to simplify your kitchen

Seattle Restaurant Week next week! Critics picks. 

Patrick will say this is sacrilege but I can't help but agree, I'm over hoppy beer. 

Yassssss! And other ways of saying yes nowadays. 

Love this photo series.

Music Video #tbt

Teresa's still sick. I've been fighting a cold all week too. Let me just say, it sucks to be sick when you're an adult. You can't just stay home from school and chill on the couch switching between music videos and Dr. Quinn reruns. Here's a video I would have been excited to have caught while flipping channels...

We are still sick.

You guys we are STILL sick. We all have some sort of super cold virus that the doctor said can take weeks to get over. I'm back at work trying to get through to the afternoon each day but it's been pretty miserable. I've tried every medication I can think of plus the neti pot -- any tips out there for natural ways to get over a cold faster? Poor Mylo is on antibiotics and still isn't completely well yet.


My New Favorite Food... this amazing coconut cream pie from Munchery. I love it. 

In the middle of all the chaos, I've been using Munchery for dinner a lot lately. Have you tried them yet? Teresa got me hooked! It's about the same cost as ordering Thai or Indian, but it's a good variety of things, and offers healthy options, and of course, awesome desserts :)

If you use THIS LINK, you get $20 to spend (and so do I!). So try it! 

Monday Motivation

Friday Roundup

Well, the week is over and neither Teresa or I managed to do a blog post, oops! It's been a long week for both of us. On top of the usual, I'm still working on setting up our studio and rearranging things at home, they are both coming along, slowly. I'm to the point where I have to make decisions and pick out things like rugs. It always stresses me out. What if I pick something out and hate it in a month?

Anyhow, we'll be back next week. Happy Passover! Happy Easter! I hope you all have a lovely and restful weekend.

I might have to take up crocheting again to make this for my cat.

Looking forward to the last few Mad Men episodes. 

The White House's creepy Easter Bunny and other creepy bunnies. 

Beautiful paper lanterns 

If you're looking for something to celebrate after Easter, here are a few other lesser known holidays in April. There's a beer day.

John Legend's dog wedding is AWESOME and in support of a good cause! (attn: Teresa, thrower of dog weddings)

FULL HOUSE REUNION SHOW ON NETFLIX!!!!! My childhood dreams are coming true!

Street art straight from the museum

How Maui's airport code became OGG and explanations for the other odd ones (EWR, IAD, etc.) for those of us who spend hours waiting for planes and wondering.

So Your Son is a Centaurand other amazing fake self help books.

Haenyeo, or Sea Women of South Korea's Jeju Island, for hundreds of years, these women have been free diving.