Project Pinterest: Wine Bottle Vase

After months of Jenny's Project Pinterest experiments I finally joined in the fun this week! We saved a couple of our especially cute wine bottles from last week's vacation and transformed them into cute vases. Jenny had pinned the "Breaking the Bottle" tutorial a while back and we finally got out our nail polish remover and matches last night and gave it a shot. 
Don't we look awesome after our jog? ;)

It was actually quite simple to but I think we need to perfect our methods next time. All you do is dip some cotton string in nail polish remover, tie it around the bottle, set it on fire (!!), and then plunge it into cold water. Our first bottle is the one seen in the above photo and worked very well. We only wished we'd had some sand paper to smooth off the edges on the top of the bottle.

Unfortunately, the second bottle wasn't quite as successful. Maybe the water got too warm and we should have added more ice? Or perhaps the flames weren't big enough.

What do you think of the final product? This was an easy experiment I'd do again.


  1. Wow, so cool! I wonder how the pioneer of this method figured this out!

    1. As we were doing it I was wondering that too! It also made me muse at the endless possibilities of other odd DIY projects that are out there. If only I could be cool and think of something as oddly creative as this!

  2. I had no idea! Thanks for proving this works, thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers, Teresa, and yes, you look cute after your jog.

  3. Also, I would just like to note that I you can't tell in the picture but the wine bottle I'm holding is in fact on fire you just can't see the flames! I don't normally act that scared around wine bottles.