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Friday Roundup

Happy Friday!! Patrick has been gone all week so Mylo and I are very excited for him to get home today-- let the weekend begin!

Here are some links to kick us off:

Cute idea for a photo shoot.

How adorable is this cat cake?? (via Hither & Tither)

Tisk tisk. 

6 fun ways to be outdoorsy (no matter where you live).

Amazing church to house conversion.

In honor of the 10 year anniversary, Rachel McAdam's audition tape for The Notebook.

This made me laugh.

We are asparagus addicts right now, need to try this. 

Ummm, yessss. 

Mamas, I thought this was inspiring.

Jerry and Jessica, a little "hyper-aware."

Being a BFF in your 30's.

(Epic bath photo)

Look Who Is Finally Crawling!!

Yep, that's Mylo! Our pediatrician told us he should be crawling by his first birthday and he is just squeezing it in before the deadline. We are thrilled (and need to get baby-proofing, I guess he inherited his procrastination from us!).

And a little peek-a-boo video because I can't resist.


It's a throwback to the Grammys in February!

Jason (@jkoephoto) decided to post this on his Instagram randomly last night, thanks Jason!

How fun is it when your best friend comes with you to the Grammys!?!

This was taken after the ceremony, when we were all STARVING! They need to have more food at these things!

I'm focusing on being thankful today, for all the wonderful people and adventures in my life.

Favorite Things: Sofia Coppola Champagne Cans

Have you tried Sofia Coppola's amazing champagne "mini" cans? I love her champagne anyway but these little guys are perfect for sneaking into the movies, taking along for picnics, and sipping at bridal showers/pre-wedding festivities. They are one of my favorite go-to gifts for friends who like bubbly. Perfect for a fun summer treat!

Uxibal in Seattle

If you're in Seattle, do yourself a favor and stop by Moorea Seal in Belltown. Britini Port, designer of Uxibal is in town and she's brought lots of fun things to sell!

Uxibal is a brand that I love, because it combines beautiful hobo-chic styles with a mission to provide employment and opportunity for underprivileged people, something I'm passionate about.

Britini started Uxibal in Guatemala after working int he Peace Corps there as a way to create jobs for Guatemalans. Britini says, "We focus on employing Mayan women because they are traditionally the most underprivileged in Guatemala. They have limited access to education, are married at a young age, and have high birth rates—all of which add up to a striking social and economical disadvantage."

Uxibal draws inspiration from traditional hand-weaving, incorporating the bright colors and patterns into the designs, bringing traditional indigenous craft and design to a wider audience.

Come shopping with me!

The Uxibal pop up shop will be at Moorea Seal, on 3rd and Vine, kicking off Wednesday June 25th from 5-8pm. Uxibal products will be available in store through July 12th.

PS. If you aren't in Seattle, check out Uxibal online

Family Photos (better late than never part 2!)

I'm on a "better late than never" kick this month. We had family photos taken by the amazing Zoe Rain back in October for our Christmas card and for some reason I never posted them on the blog. They are so cute I decided might as well just throw them up now. I'm getting very nostalgic with Mylo's first birthday around the corner. It's so cliche but it really does feel like time is flying by.

Monday Motivation

Friday Roundup

Tomorrow, it is officially summer! I hope you get to enjoy the solstice this weekend. According to this, Seattle only gets 58 clear days a year. That's definitely motivation for me to be outside every chance I get while the sun is here. I'm determined to enjoy every ounce of summer that I can and I'm looking forward to s'mores in the backyard, floating in Green Lake and outdoor yoga at the sculpture park. I'm determined to make it a great summer.

For more summer inspiration, here's an activity checklist. 

Marry Poppins and feminism.

If only more celebrities would do this...

Birthday cake jello shots (Teresa sent me this, I thought, "Ooohhh, this looks good, who's birthday is next...Mylo! Oh wait, maybe not.")

Do you have what it takes to live happily ever after?

For anyone else who loves celebrities reading mean tweets, this is super interesting.

OK Go kills it again with a crazy video.

Just a little PSA on driving...

If you grew up in Seattle or went to UW, you'll appreciate this tribute to the 520 ramps to nowhere, which will soon be gone. (My version is slightly different and goes something like this: goodbye bridge that Teresa & I jumped off in college, leaving me bruised for the rest of the summer and afraid to jump off of anything, ever again.)

According to this I'm 42. Yikes!

More beautiful photos from Vivian Maier

Vintage Green Lake postcard 

Baby Water Self-Rescue

Have you watched this amazing video showing that babies can actually learn to self rescue if they fall into water? I was astounded watching it, definitely makes me want to get Mylo into lessons ASAP. He has always loved taking baths and "swimming" in the tub so I'm kind of embarrassed that he has yet to actually go in a pool. 

PS. Check out more incredible images of babies swimming like the one above by Seth Casteel at the NYTimes.

Music Video Throwback Thursday

This is a somewhat obscure one that I dedicate to Teresa...Who else remembers this song and corresponding dance? 

Myles: Ten Months Old

I think the photo above is my favorite I've taken of Myles during his monthly photo shoots! I love his little overalls. 10 months! This post is late again since he'll be 11 months on Friday, oh well. Our baby is very expressive and loves to smile. He is enjoying playing ball, eating tons of nectarines and berries, playing with his cousins, and dancing to music.

He's a happy camper in general but we are trying to encourage him to crawl since he's a little behind now. The doctor says no more propping him up to stand until he crawls. You can do it little butter bean!

The Do Not Play List

Are you having a band or DJ at your wedding? Most bands and DJs will ask you for a sample list of songs you like, to give them an idea of your style and a base from which to go from, like your own personal pandora station. But, I'd recommend taking it one step further- give them a do not play list. It doesn't have to be extensive, but music can really set the mood for an event.

What to put on your do not play list? Are there any songs you can't stand? Any songs that remind you of an ex? Any genres that you'd rather avoid? Think through the last few weddings you attended, where there any moments where you thought, "Why are they playing the Pussycat Dolls? This is terrible!" or something similar. Seriously, I've heard some bad music- and with one quick little list, you can insure you enjoy the music all night long. 

DIYing Things...

Our summer has kicked into gear with weddings, a music video and a bunch of other photo and video projects in various stages. And, the best part MY SISTER IS HOME! I love having little projects going on as a way to find calm in all the chaos around me and I love getting to do projects with my sister! I'm hoping she'll teach me to sew while she's home for her summer vacation. For now, here are the projects I have in the works...

I just picked up this Goldfinch Kombucha kit from Whole Foods. Pray that I don't poison myself or others with it. This is a great DIY for a busy person, you just add water and forget about it for a couple of weeks.

I'm gathering fabric to make this rag rug. I think I'll be using a combination of old sheets and fabric from Africa. It looks like crocheting with rags while listening to audiobooks will be my happy place this summer.

Free People just posted this DIY on growing your own food with leftover scraps. I'm about to try a few of these. My gardening is never very successful, so here's a risk free way to try some new things.

Seattle Spotlight: Book Bindery

On Saturday Patrick and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary by hiring a babysitter and going out on a date (which we both decided we need to do more often!). We got all spruced up and hit the town in the rain. We started with cocktails at one of our favorite cozy restaurants on the southern bank of the ship canal, Book Bindery. Being there reminded me that I wanted to do a post about this special little restaurant.

Parking is simple, the views are lovely and reminded us of European canals, the food and cocktails are top notch and the ambiance in general is perfect for a date or intimate dinner gathering. You can actually hear yourselves talk! (Yes, I'm turning into an old lady). My favorite part is that about half of the dinning area is in a greenhouse-style atrium so you feel like you're eating al fresco even when it's cold and rainy, which let's face it, this is Seattle. Patrick and I shared the truffle fries this time (ATTN: Jenny!) and they were a tasty compliment to our fancy cocktails. Bon appetite! 

Monday Motivation

Friday Roundup


Happy Friday! And Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. I like to think I have the best dad in the world and no one can convince me otherwise. :)

Special shout out to Mylo's amazing dada, Patrick, on his first Father's Day! Our child thinks you are the funniest person on this earth and I couldn't be more thankful for my partner in crime.

Here are some links to kick off the weekend:

The science of being a dad.

Love these candid photos of Marilyn Monroe.

This new meme made me laugh.

Inspiring yoga photos (also can we please go somewhere tropical??)

Seattle folks, what to eat at a Mariner's game (drool).

With the World Cup starting this week, I'm dreaming of a Brazilian vacation.

This lucky couple (and photographer) had a favorite actor stumble upon their engagement shoot.

LOVE these cat portraits. Rafa needs one.

These cupcakes look so tasty and summery.

Healthy Lunches

Anybody have any healthy lunch ideas or cookbooks?

I am in a bad habit of buying lunch at work everyday and now that Mylo is eating three meals a day we need to get a loose "meal plan" going at our house. I'd love to make up a big batch of a couple of things on the weekend that we could eat throughout the week. I'm thinking chicken breast, quinoa, lentils, couscous, pasta....

Have you ever made the "salad in a jar" thing? Some of these recipes look good from the Kitchn. Would love any blog/recipe/Pinterest resources from readers!

Laura's Sea Themed Baby Shower (better late than never!)

In OCTOBER, we threw a little coed shower for my sister Laura and her husband in celebration of the upcoming birth of baby Rory. Danielle and Alicia coordinated the look of it and we had a lot of fun with our neutral palette and subtle sea theme. I think all our favorite decoration was the amazing bunting ceiling that Danielle dreamed up. It took a while to assemble but the effect was amazing and the pendants can be reused.

We served brunch, Mighty-O doughnuts, mimosas and Bloody Mary's. Even though it was October we made the most of the outdoor space at my house by putting the bar on the front porch with a portable heater. Congrats again Laura and Alex!

(Huge thanks to Danielle and Alicia, pictured above! They are amazing party planners)

A Photo...

Photo: Studio JKoe

Baby Got Back at the Symphony

Here's a video to make you smile this Tuesday morning. Seattle's own Sir Mix-A-Lot performed with the Seattle Symphony (yes, you heard that right) on Friday night and invited any ladies from the audience to join him on stage to dance along to his performance of Baby Got Back. If that's not enough to hook you, Seattle superfan Shawn Bounds's amazing dance moves have made the video go viral. She was interviewed on the local news, ummm can we please be friends?? Happy Tuesday everyone!

Summertime in Perth

Yes, I'm finally getting around to posting about the Australasia Tour from March. 

While we were on tour, at least one person in every city would ask me what my favorite stop had been so far. I pretty much always just told them that wherever they were from was the best.  Now, having had time to process everything, it's much easier to pick favorites. 

Perth was definitely high on the list. It was one of my favorite shows, it just had a great, blissful vibe. There were carnival rides and a constant breeze was swirling confetti everywhere. I overheard teenaged concert goers talking about how they had to go back to school the following week and realized the vibe I'd been feeling the whole night was that sort of end of the summer, last hurrah. It was wonderfully nostalgic and I bought right in- from making confetti angles to climbing the fences in the dark with the cricket team to play a night game under the stadium lights, it was like we were kids again, and only had a few days left to enjoy it. 

The next day, we really got to play. We took a boat to Rottness Island, I was THRILLED to put on my swimsuit and truly enjoy the end of the southern hemisphere's summer.  It was very choppy getting out there and back, but island was worth the waves and being doused by waves while hanging on for dear life and singing at the top of my lungs was part of the adventure. We played in the sand, swam and ate an endless supply of gummy candy, laid in the sun and danced on the boat. It was the type of summer day high school kids have in movies, minus the backstabbing and boyfriend stealing.  I was hanging with the cool kids (who all miraculously like me!), I had a boyfriend (well, husband) to dance with on the deck of an amazing yacht while listening to 90's hip hop. REJOICE, I'm 30 and finally managed to have high school Jenny's perfect day. 

On the way back, we got a great tour of the river and waterfront downtown. Jason and I had a cute moment, then this happened. I'd always imagined Perth to be some small outpost of a town, but it's actually a decent sized city.* All in all, I want to go back! 

*I should probably admit, my previous knowledge of Perth was solely obtained from articles written about Heath Ledger circa 2000. In honor of Heath, forever my favorite Perthian, and to continue my kick of nostalgia, I watched Ten Things I Hate About You on the flight leaving Perth :).

Photos by Jason, who was working while the rest of us were having fun. 

Monday Motivation

Via this super interesting article, with lots of other beautiful quotes! 

Friday Roundup

It's a somber day in Seattle after the shooting at SPU yesterday. My sister went to school there, countless other friends have as well. I'm thankful that everyone I know is safe and saying a prayer for the people who can't say the same.

With that, I encourage you, go out and celebrate life today! Be thankful that you are alive. Hug your mom. Hug your friends. Hug a stranger. Tell someone how much they mean to you.

Another good way to enjoy being alive today, celebrate National Doughnut/Donut Day!

"7 Reasons to Bring Back Thank You Notes"

Ryan is hilarious on Fallon.

Loving all of this wallpaper, but a little afraid to commit.

Africa is not a country- pointing out myths about the developing world. 

Check out this list of best shows of the year thus far to see what to catch up on this summer.

I get that this is for kids, but I want to make one for me!

Interesting perspective on healthy babies.

Photo above shot by Bob Wick via @usinterior. This is one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow, I wake up every morning to a beautiful photo from somewhere in the US. A reminder that we live in a beautiful world.

Project Pinterest: DIY Laundry Detergent

Yes, I've become one of those people that makes their own laundry detergent.

I had to see what all the fuss was about. And if you recall my moss-making project, you'll remember that I clearly have no issue with putting non-food items in my food processor.

Does it really save you tons of money? To be honest, I never really considered laundry detergent a giant expense (perhaps that's because I never wash my clothes...). This guy claims it's about 6 cents per load vs. 21 cents per load for the store-bought stuff. I guess if you're doing multiple loads a day, that would add up but that's just not the case for me.

Is it better? Well, 3 loads in, my clothes are definitely clean and the whites are very bright white.

Is it better for you? Since I have fairly sensitive skin, I've always bought natural and unscented detergents, so could this really be that much better? I don't have the answer yet, but I do like the idea of knowing EXACTLY what is in there. No hidden irritants.

I followed these instructions from Apartment Therapy. It was easy, but not as easy as picking something up at the grocery store...

Flavored Water

It seems like everywhere I go these days I'm being offered fruit or herb infused water. There is something about it that is so refreshing and delicious. Now that summer is upon us I want to try keeping some flavored water at home to avoid the calories in juices, soda, and vino. This formula seems like the easiest for mixing up a perfect combination of herb and fruit. Also, have you tried one of these "infusing" pitchers or water bottles, they look like fun (but hard to clean?).

For summer it would be nice to get one of these big carafes (or this cute pitcher) to fill in the morning and just drink yummy water all day long...maybe out of these awesome glasses.

Do you have a favorite "recipe" for flavored water?


My Happy Place

I need to get on top of my blogging so for today I leave you with a gif of my happy place (this was actually on my first ever Mother's Day as a mom). On the front porch, sunny day, with my two babies.

Wedding Wednesday: Favorite Venues

As a photographer, I'm often asked about my favorite places to shoot weddings. So I thought I'd start a series of post showcasing some of my favorite venues to shoot.

First up this week is a unique one, one that most people haven't even heard of, a hidden gem if you will... The Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center in Seattle.

What do I love about it?  
Nestled in the middle of Discovery Park this unique venue has an amazing view of the Puget Sound. You'll forget your in the city. It's surrounded by GREAT spots to take photos. For couples looking for something other than a ballroom or barn, this is a great spot. It's a blank canvas with natural northwest flare, beautiful log pillars and wooden beamed ceilings. They even have salmon bake house! 

Also, Daybreak Star is a non-profit, community center run by the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation. It serves as a community center within Seattle. So added bonus, your venue fee goes towards keeping the center open and available for community programs. 

Why should you consider this venue?  
-If you're looking for a laid-back venue with a true northwest vibe, this is your spot. It's conveniently located in Seattle, yet you feel like your out in the wilderness. Perfect for giving out of town guests a very northwest experience. 

-If you're working with a limited budget yet can't manage to whittle down your guest list, Daybreak Star can fit 250 people. Also, you're allowed to bring in your own catering and alcohol. 

-If you're looking for a unique venue that your friends won't have seen yet. 

- If you're going for a  DIY wedding, it lends itself to handmade decor and wild flowers.