Baby Gear: Six to Nine Month Favorites

Baby GearSix to Nine Month Favorites

1. Bumkins Bibs: We LOVE these bibs. They are cute, easy to wash in the sink or laundry, don't stain and keep the food off baby. 

2. Baby Led Weaning book: BLW was a huge success for us. I wrote about it here. This book provided basics on what to feed him, how to be safe, and some good recipes. 

3. Halo Sleep Sack: As soon as Mylo graduated from his Summer Infant Swaddles we started him in a sleep sack. We use the fleece one from Halo which enables us to turn our heat down at night and save money. Beware the XL size though, I just ordered it and it's so big I swear I could sleep in it!

4. Blocks: We have this Fisher Price set from Patrick's aunt and Mylo loves opening the box and taking things in and out. I love toys that will last for a long time and grow with him. He doesn't understand shapes yet but I can see this being a great toy for a while. (Bonus: Patrick's aunt said she had this when her kids were young and the uncles used to have a few drinks and time who was the fastest with getting blocks in. Ha!)

5. Zara pants: I wrote here about how much we love Zara baby clothes. Their pants in particular are THE BEST. I have been giving them as gifts right and left. They are stylish, super soft, not too tight (Mylo is a big boy!), and actually fit the size they say they should. I need to get Mylo the shorts version for summer. 

6. Happy Puffs: These little "O's" as we call them are a LIFESAVER. We bring them everywhere with us and they keep Mylo happy while waiting for food at restaurants, on the ferry, waiting for his oatmeal to be done in the morning, etc. They only have 25 calories for 75 O's so they are basically air...wonderful, wonderful air. 

7. JellyCat books: These crinkle books from Jellycat are a crowd favorite at our house. I love the cat one obviously. 

8. NoseFrida Snotsucker: This thing is genius. When Mylo had a cold I was using it multiple times a day, it's very simple but amazing at what it does, snotsucking. Ha.

9. Ergo Carrier: I tried sooooo many carriers from when Mylo was born. He hated them all. He hated the Ergo with the infant insert. Then finally when he hit six months he miraculously started loving it! We use it every day and leave the stroller behind a lot now. I also use it around the house since carrying around at 24 lb baby is no joke!

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