Friday Roundup

Hello from my studio, where I'm watching Fuller House while working. It's surreal to watch. I'm cringing in moments, but I have to admit, I'm laughing at some of the cheesy jokes too! I'm happy to be working in Seattle for a little bit! Cleaning my bedroom, washing my clothes, etc. It's good to be home.

Great to see that Mariska Hargitay is a real life Detective Olivia Benson. 

Ombre DIYs, great for spring!

Lunch Ideas

Jazzercise- I kinda wanna try it.

Sufjan's "Chicago", the demo version.

The Oscar SWAG Bag is crazy!

Eggs for your face!

Cute Animals. 

Photo @jkoephoto

New Video!

I'm excited for the world to finally get to see this project. I love the message of the song and of course, the music video's director, Jason!

Spring Trend: Overalls

Did you wear overalls in the 90's? With one strap over your shoulder? I did and and I miss them.

So exited to see them popping up all over the place for spring. I'm obviously going to be huge this spring (and let's be serious, this summer too) and I've seen some cute maternity ones that would flow well from pregnancy to post-pregnancy/breastfeeding. Would you wear them again? Maybe with a scrunchie and some Birks just to throw it way back?

Here are some cute ones for preggo me:

Hatch Pollack Overalls

ASOS Denim Overall

And for Jenny:

Madewell Bayfront Crop Overalls

Lee Cooper Denim Overalls

PS/UPDATE: Looks like I'm way behind the times, Jenny posted this in 2012.

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. I'm sick (again. still?) so trying to rest and get well.  We also have some exciting news brewing on the home/moving front that I'll be sharing soon!

Here are some links to get us started:

Seattle's best breakfasts.

Girl Scout Cookie wine pairings.

Made me laugh out loud.

Tiny house with a teenager.

These recipes look awesome, gotta get on that Guinness Cake for St. Paddy's.

Cute DIY project on Jenny's to do list.

Adele is hilarious. 

Can't wait for this show to return!

Couldn't agree more. 


Sugar Cookie Party!

When Jenny and I were in college we used to make about six dozen sugar cookies every Christmas, decorate them, and give them away all around the neighborhood. We had two ovens in our little house but it still took most of a day.

This year for Valentine's Day I resurrected that tradition with my nieces. I purchased my trusty Betty Crocker mix (you know I don't do this from scratch) and whipped frosting, some food dye and sprinkles and we made a big, sugary mess! Mylo was not enthusiastic at first about the frosting but he warmed up a little by the end. Patrick was a surprising participant and helped decorate quite a few, including the genius "BE MINE" cookie featured above. I think we may need to do this again for St. Paddy's Day!

Mexico Wedding

As promised, here are a few of my favorites from Morgan & Ryan's wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last week. One of my favorite things about weddings in Mexico is the laid back vibe they all seem to have. I think it helps that most couples arrive at their destination a few days or more before the wedding. They're able to relax, unwind and kick it with their friends, so by the time the actual wedding day arrives, they're in vacation mode, and able to enjoy the day even more!

Another very cute part about this wedding, Morgan's parents met each other on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, just next to the spot where the photo above was taken!

If you're looking for more ideas and advice on destination weddings, check out this post I wrote a few years back. 

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! I'm enjoying the sun for a couple more days. Wherever you are, I hope you have a lovely long weekend and Valentine's Day! 

Recently, someone was telling me about how Valentine's Day is their favorite holiday-because no matter if you're single or in a relationship, it's a GREAT excuse to do whatever makes you happy! Whether it's treating yourself to a manicure with some friends, or a date with a special somebody, if nothing else, it's a great excuse to eat as much chocolate as you want. I'd never really thought of it that way. Jason and I haven't ever been big on celebrating it, but I think I might just go out and get us a fun dessert to eat in bed while watching a movie. 

Speaking of Valentine's, check out these lesser known romantic movie suggestions.

Do you observe Lent? I do, occasionally. You'll have to wait to next week to hear about the odd thing I'm giving up for Lent this year (thanks to super slow hotel internet) but here's someone else's creative suggestion. 

After obsessively listening to the first season of Serial, now that Adnan's back in court, I'm finding it super interesting to get little glimpses of the people I'd only heard on a podcast, like Asia McClain. (Also, I'm thrilled that her version of the story is finally being heard.) 

Some photos from tour this past month. 


Jason and I are in Mexico for a few days shooting a wedding. Beautiful photos to come!

We were home for a day after the US tour wrapped up. I'm thankful to be here and thankful to have a few restful days in the sun, but I miss my cats a little bit. And Teresa. 

Something I've realized about life, wherever I am there is usually somewhere else I want to be as well. Traveling is wonderful, but life goes on at home while you're gone. 

Raise your hand if you think Teresa should post a pregnancy update!


As I've mentioned, my obsession with online clothing subscriptions continues to grow. This week featuring....Le Tote!! Let me start by saying that this is my favorite clothing subscription yet.... better than Stitch Fix, Trendsend, Trunk Club, Birchbox, etc. etc. So that's saying something!!

The clothes are not the most trendy (nor the most expensive), they are good quality but not high end, and I'd love to see some more fashion forward is by far the most economical of the options I've tried and instead of having to keep the clothes you have the option to RENT. Which is absolutely fabulous for us pregnant ladies!

The basics are that you pay a monthly subscription fee to get unlimited boxes of clothes and accessories to wear and then either keep or wear and then send back. You have a "closet" of clothing that you pick out online, so instead of just giving them your style profile, you get to actually choose some of the items you may receive AND you get a final approval before the box comes in which you can switch out items. I just got my second box in the mail (see above) and I love everything in it. Their jewelry is actually very fashion forward and I think I'll get a ton of use out of the simply black maternity dress, red skirt, black sweater and maternity jeans they sent me. And the best part is if I absolutely love something their prices are much more reasonable than other services I've tried.

Sold yet?? Use this link for $25 off your first box. Happy shopping!

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! What do you have planned for the weekend? We'll be sticking around here, Mylo is starting swim lessons (wish us luck, he is not a fan of the water) and we are going to watch the Super Bowl with friends on Sunday and enjoy some sunshine in Seattle!

Here are some links to kick us off:

Gorgeous Brooklyn wedding, love the invitations.

Great news for readers.

What happens when you eat like the Gilmore Girls for a week.

Lovely Galentine's Day spread. Also, G-Day gift guide.

Best movies for a romantic night in.

Every marriage is different, loved this.

Awesome mid-century modern Ikea hacks. Also, this remodel...swoon.

This looks yummy for the Super Bowl.

RBF is a real thing, science says so. (I'm afflicted, ugh!)

Color Change Nails!

Last week, I got the BEST manicure. Remember mood rings where the color changes with your mood (aka the temperature)? This polish works the same way. It's perfect for someone like me who hates making decisions and sometimes takes 20 minutes to pick a color at a nail salon and then starts second guessing my choice as soon as they start to put it on! The color I got goes from a light grey to a charcoal and sometimes is a sort of ombre between the two. 

Spring Inspiration: Indoor Hanging Garden

We have some big news percolating on the home buying front and it has sent me into a Pinterest frenzy like it's 2012 again. One of the things I'm dying to try out is an indoor hanging garden. I'm not much of a outdoor gardner (yet, you never know) but I love house plants. I have a giant ficus tree in our current tiny craftsman that Patrick despises. It definitely needs a larger space to come into its own -- after all it's older than me!

As soon as we can get into a bigger house I'm excited to expand my plant collection and do some terrariums and a little hanging garden.  Just need to get a watering routine!