Happy Halloween!

My favorite little niece is a strawberry! Isn't she adorable with her daddy (Patrick's brother Ryan) at the pumpkin patch? She just turned six months old, time flies!

Hope you have a fabulous day celebrating, I plan to eat a lot of chocolate and throw on my traditional purple glitter cat ears!

Wedding Wednesday: Halloween

We did a halloween wedding a few years back and I have to admit, at first the idea of a wedding where guests would be invited to wear costumes seemed like it would be a bit tacky.

In the end, I loved it.  It was classy yet totally unique and completely fit the bride and groom's style. The guests' costumes were tasteful, there were a lot of women dressed as flappers or wearing classy sequined masks, the brides uncle wore an amazing red pimp suit.

The couple set up trick or treat stations around the reception for the kids to go around and get candy, grown up guests enjoyed this too!

I loved the decor too. Carved pumpkin centerpieces doubled as table numbers and were surrounded with fall leaves.


Masquerade theme wedding...the bride asked her guests to wear their own wedding dresses!

Other (some kinda extreme!) Halloween wedding ideas.

Halloween Martinis

Amazing decorated pumpkins

Four layer pumpkin cake

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween! Stay safe and warm, especially my friends on the east cost!


Yesterday, I flew down to LA for a very quick trip to watch my amazingly talented friends, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, perform on Ellen! They performed "Same Love", a beautiful song in support of marriage equality. The song features Mary Lambert, who's voice I love. You can check out her solo work here.

I flew down with Julie, Ryan (and Teresa's!) mom. We had a great time hanging out with the guys in the green room and watching the show tape from the audience. Also, it was interesting to get to peek around backstage a bit and see how much smaller sets always look in person. And Ellen too, she's short!

You can already watch their performance online here, or watch the show at 3pm today and try and spot me in the audience!

PS. In the confusion that always ensues when I'm forced to wake up at 4am, I forgot my iPhone at home and didn't get to take any photos. Oops. Thanks to @Wexington for posting this one on instagram!

Running from Sandy

Kelly, Anne and I at Tryst; our first apartment!

I'm back in Seattle after a short but wonderful weekend in Washington DC. I made it out by the skin of my teeth Sunday night just as Hurricane Sandy was swooping in. Huge shout out to Southwest Airlines for somehow getting me on standby at the last minute and on a flight out of a completely different airport at that. It was a stressful experience getting home but I'm SO grateful to be safe in Seattle and not stuck on the other side of the country with no power.
Isn't Erica's dog Gavroche ADORABLE?!

The time that I did get to spend in DC was wonderful. I hadn't been back there since Patrick and I moved away nearly three years ago. We spent our early days as a couple there, my first real job was in DC, and our first apartment was an adorable little one bedroom in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. Needless to say, the city is full of fond memories and it was great to reminisce and catch up with old friends. I'm so grateful for those three years of my life and will always have a soft spot in my heart for the District of Columbia. Thinking of  my friends and you lovely blog readers living in Sandy's path. Be safe out there!

Back to Yoga

Well, autumn seems to have officially settled in and I'm starting to feel that dreary depression that comes with the cold, dark and rainy days.

Yoga is one of the many things Teresa discovered before me. She was pretty committed to yoga in college. I remember wondering why she went to all the trouble, and then I tried it and got hooked. The endorphins that come from the exercise and having an hour and a half to be away from the rest of life (email, phone, work, stress, etc.) is just the pick me up I need.  

I'm not super great at yoga. I'm fairly flexible, so I get excited when I can stretch farther than the more experienced people in my class, but anything that requires balance has me falling all over the place.

What do you do to avoid going crazy in winter months?

Another way I stay sane, trips to sunny places! I'm in LA, just for the day, gonna see Ellen! More on that later this week.

Monday Motivation

Here's a triple shot of Monday Motivation, check out the other fabulous literary quote prints from this artist here.

Friday Roundup

The weekend is almost here! What are you up to? I'm super excited to be heading to Washington DC to catch up with friends for a few days-- and hurricane Sandy is not invited!

Happy Friday!

A song to get things started.

I want these ridiculous sparkly pumps. SO much.

Cannot. Stop. Reading. (Thanks a lot, Jenny!)

Quite possibly the cutest dresser ever.

Crazy yoga family, check out that photo.

No-Noodle Zucchini Lasagna.

Hilarious! Poor Carrie.

I need this poster.

Excited for this movie, DDL is a awesomely wacky.

Funny and cuddly Halloween cake and more spooky cocktails.

Great idea for Instagram photos.


Knitting...for a Week

When I saw this clip (from the pilot episode of 30 Rock) where Jack uses his experience with market research to completely nail Liz Lemon's character down to the fact that "every two years you take up knitting for...a week".  I thought wait, that's me! Well, not the rest of it so much, I'm not a single New Yorker, but I've been known to start and never finish knitting projects from time to time. Thanks to Pinterest, I'm wondering if it's my year to try yet again. Unfortunately, the thing I want to make seems way out of my league. Perhaps I'll just buy something handmade for me on Etsy...

Clutches with a Cause

A while back Jenny and I featured Sseko Sandals as a great summer shoe that can be worn dozens of ways AND contributes to the education of young women in Uganda. 

Today we are excited to tell you about Sseko's new White Arrow Clutch Collection! This is not a sponsored post, simply something that we think is stylish and a cause we care about. All of the clutches are handmade in Uganda with rich tones of genuine leather and sturdy canvas. The collection comes in three different styles in Caramel and Espresso leather. 

The women who make these lovely pieces are recent high school graduates who work with Sseko for nine months to earn money to attend college. Below you can see some great photos of their university bound team members who have recently graduated high school. Read their inspiring stories here and learn how they are "choosing their own path," which is the theme of this fabulous collection. 

Black Bean, Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili

My favorite vegan black bean chili from a cafe I'd g to often in college had different root vegetables in it. So when I had a few sweet potatoes lying around my kitchen, I decided to throw them in my chili yesterday and see what happened.  
I started with this awesome chili recipe from my friend Amber's blog and tweaked it just a bit.  This is what I ended up with, perfect for a crisp fall day.

Black Bean, Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili
1 yellow onion
20oz ground turkey breast (or leave it out for a vegan version)
2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped1 28oz can diced tomatoes
1 160z can tomato sauce
1 4.5oz can chopped green chilies
1 15oz can garbanzo beans, undrained
2 15.5 oz cans black beans, undrained
1 15.5oz can small red beans, undrained
2 TBS chili powder (or a little more!)

Brown turkey and onion at the bottom of a large dutch oven or large pot until cooked through.
Add the sweet potato,  beans, chilies, garbanzos, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and chili powder, mixing well.
Simmer on medium-low for 45 minutes to an hour, make sure the sweet potato is cooked. 

Garnish however you like. I recommend avocados, cilantro and/or  Beecher's Flagship. Jason insists chili must be served with sour cream. 

Serves 12 people, or in my case multiple servings over the corse of 18 hours for 4 people. 

FYI, I think this chili tastes even better heated up the next day. 

How to Wear Loafers?

Ok, so I know I'm a little late on this trend but I picked myself up a pair of loafers over the weekend (patent leather :). Then I got home and realized I had no idea how to wear them. So I turned to Pinterest and Google and found a few good examples from the lovely Taylor Swift. What do you think of loafers? They seemed a little old fashioned to me but I'm coming around (especially since they are so comfy!).

Taylor wears her loafers with skinny jeans and dresses. I WANT CAT LOAFERS!

PS. Fab Sugar's guide to fall loafers. 

Wedding Wednesday: Be the Best Groomsman

So last week we talked about how to be the best bridesmaid, and this week it's the guys' turn...

Months before the wedding...

1. Let the groom (and bride) know that you're willing to help with whatever they might need. Who knows, they might need someone to try different beers for the reception. 
2.  Buy/rent your wedding day outfit. Don't put this off. You don't want to spend the wedding day cramming your size 11 feet into a size 8 shoe because that was all that was left by the time you got around to shopping for your stuff. 
3. Start thinking bachelor party. Remember that it doesn't just have to be a drunken night out on the town, maybe do a weekend trip? Golfing, skiing, camping, Vegas?

In the weeks leading up to the wedding...

4. Throw that awesome bachelor party. Let loose, have a wonderful time, just maybe make sure your friend doesn't wind up doing something he regrets or physically harming himself. Walking down the aisle with a cast = not fun. 
5. Look in the mirror. Do you need a haircut? Go get a haircut. 
6. Plan ahead. Schedule time off work, line up a babysitter, do whatever you need to do to coordinate you life so you're available for all the wedding festivities. 

Wedding Weekend...

7. Offer to help. Traditionally the Groom's parents put on the rehearsal dinner. Ask if there's anything you can do to help with that. If the groom isn't super tuned into planning, ask the bride if there is anything you can do to be helpful. Perhaps someone needs a ride from the airport or maybe there's set up/take down work to do on the wedding day. 
8. Have everything you need. The most common things guys forget is socks. Short white socks do not work with suits so be sure to bring dress socks in whatever color goes with your suit. If you want to be really nice, buy a couple extra pairs incase someone else forgets theirs. Oh and underwear, trust me, you don't want to go commando in a rented suit. 
9. Pay attention to all instructions and BE ON TIME! Take note of any instruction given to you by people in charge, where to stand, who to escort down the aisle, etc. and be ready to go when you're needed. 
11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE smile in the photos! Don't ruin your friends wedding photos, even if you don't like getting your photos taken, it won't kill you to cooperate. Usually, the faster people cooperate, the faster you'll be done with photos. 

36 Hours in Seattle

I mentioned a couple weeks back that I love the "36 Hours" travel column in the NY Times...well here is an attempt at my very own 36 hours list for our hometown, Seattle. Selfishly, half the reason I want to do this post is to get other great ideas from you all, so let me know what I got right, wrong and what I missed!

To start things off, those who are coming from out of town should take note that the best time to visit Seattle is July-September. End of story. If you want to see the real, rainy, depressing Seattle feel free to come during the rest of the year.


Start off the weekend at Pier 56 to hit up one of the best happy hours in Seattle at Elliott's Oyster House. Enjoy views of the Puget Sound and the new Ferris wheel while feasting on delicious local oysters ($.75 from 3-4pm, $1.25 4-5, and $1.75 from 5-6, a steal).

From there make your way down the waterfront to one of Seattle's most famous attractions, Pike Place Market. Be sure to catch the fish tossing, original Starbucks coffee shop, Beecher's cheese (mac'n cheese is highly recommended), La Panier bakery, and buy some local flowers or produce from the vendors. The gum wall is also an interesting attraction underneath the Market.

If you've worked up an appetite, pop into the Pink Door in Post Alley and take in amazing views from their rooftop deck or a cabaret show downstairs while enjoying delicious Italian-American fare. To end the night head over to the newly developed South Lake Union neighborhood and down some some local brews (Manny's, Mac & Jacks and Boundary Bay are favorites) and giant pretzels at Tom Douglas' Brave Horse Tavern.

Grab a cup of coffee and some breakfast at one of Seattle's famous local coffee shops; we all have our own favorite but some notables include Cafe Vita, Cafe Fiore, Bauhaus, and Zoka. If you are here in the summer kick-start your Saturday morning at a free yoga class with 100 other Seattleites at the uniquely NW Sculpture Park downtown.

From there head to one of Seattle's most treasured neighborhoods, Ballard, to see boats and ships make their way through the "locks" from the seawater of the Puget Sound into Lake Union. Make your way down Ballard Avenue and check out the local boutique shops, pubs and restaurants (if you go on a Sunday this street hosts the fabulous weekly Ballard Farmer's Market). Avoid long lines at one of Seattle's best restaurants (our favorite right now!) by grabbing an early bite and drink at The Walrus and the Carpenter.

From there head up to Seattle's eclectic and hipster-filled Capitol Hill to stroll Broadway and browse the  Melrose Market. Settle in for dinner at Sitka and Spruce, where the unique and tasty food comes from local farms and producers. Finally, head over to Linda's Tavern to mingle with the local hipsters or crawl through a few of Capitol Hill's best pubs.

Start off your leisurely Sunday morning with a drive through the beautiful University of Washington campus (go Dawgs!) and then brunch at Portage Bay Cafe in the University District (don't miss their fabulous fresh fruit and toppings buffet!).

Make your way a few blocks over to the Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club to rent a kayak or paddle board and meander through the marshes and waterways of Lake Washington and Union Bay. If you've worked up an appetite, enjoy a Sunday afternoon margarita and some fresh Baja-inspired food at the cafe.

(Photos: Oysters, Yoga, Linda'sAgua Verde)

What's Your Favorite Candle?

I'm always looking for great candles, the type that smell lovely and linger, scenting your whole home like the inside of an Anthropologie.

So I decided to do a little experiment and put out a call the the blog world, asking suggestions for the BEST candles for me to try, all in the name of "research" of course. I'll let you know my findings!

So it's time for you to do your job now, let me know which candles you love in the comments below.

Has anyone tried the coiled beeswax candle pictured above? It looks so interesting!

Also, has anyone made their own candles?

Weekend Memories

Well it's Monday. And it's a grim one here in Seattle. Ugh.

But...what a great weekend! We had a fabulous night with my parents on Friday that included dinner at the Bookbindery (great food and atmosphere, highly recommend) and finally getting to see Wicked! I've been dying to catch the musical for years and it did not disappoint. Defying GRAVITTTTY!!

We are finally settling in a bit at our new place, and while there are still a few boxes to unpack and we are lacking some key furniture, it really is starting to feel like home. Mostly because Rafa finally moved in on Thursday and he is running around exploring every nook and cranny.

Monday Motivation

I love this quote from I Capture the Castle. It's feeling like one of those sorts of Mondays to me. So much to do! I might just have to take a break, jump in the bath and try and think of something wonderfully noble (or perhaps just something nice and unexpected) to do for someone else in attempts to have a little fun today.

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! You all are probably excited for the weekend and here I am leaving my mini getaway and coming back to work. Jason and I are traveling home today and gearing up for a wedding and couple of photo shoots this weekend. Here's hoping for sun in Seattle!

Check out vintage "Stars are just like us" photos, including the one above of Andy Warhol grocery shopping.

Dog-Shaming. HILARIOUS! Is there a version of this for cats? I'd have a few for that.

Make your own chai tea with this perfected recipe from our friend Amber.

Dreaming of a trip? Check out these 10 great travel sites from the New York Times.

Autumn DIY: get crafty using acorns. I love the wreath.

Great Halloween costume idea and Halloween cocktails .

Instead of a barrette, just sew your hair. 

Check out this new (awesomely creative) app full of gluten-free recipes from BabyCakes NY.

How often do you see a space shuttle driving down the street? 

Superfood: Chia Seeds

Have you been seeing chia seeds everywhere like I have? Apparently they're the new trendy superfood, which means I of course had to try them. I'm reading they are a traditional South American plant used by the Mayas for their energizing qualities. They are high in protein, Omega 3, and antioxidants. Also, have you tried Mama Chia juice yet? It seriously tastes like liquid jam (in a good way). So delicious (and expensive, sad face).

PS. This Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding looks awesome (and vegan/GF!)

(image here)

Emergency Blog Kitten

Saw this over on Pinterest and thought it was clever and adorable. It's one of those days. Back at it tomorrow. :)

Hello from Canada!

Jason and I have taken a few days off from normal life and headed up to our favorite spot, Malibu Club, on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. Unfortunately this time of year is still to busy to officially take days off, so we packed up our laptops and brought the work with us!

This is one of our favorite places in the world. It's where Jason and I met and where he proposed.  Malibu is wonderfully remote, you can only get here by boat or sea plane. There is no cell service and only really slow wifi in a couple of spots. I love coming up here and getting to be disconnected for a few days.

Why tea is magical...

I recently ran across this great graphic over at THISFOLDEDMIND. It's no secret that Jenny and I are tea lovers. This time of year, when the rain starts and there is no end in sight, there is nothing more comfy than cozying up with a cup of Rooibos tea and a cat. 

Wedding Wednesday: Be the Best Bridesmaid

After being a part of so many weddings I've seen good bridesmaids and I've seen ones who, well, seem to forget the purpose of being a bridesmaid is to assist her friend, the bride. Here are a few tips to help anyone be a kick-ass bridesmaid that any bride would love to have standing next to them on their wedding day.

When you first get asked to be a bridesmaid...
Let your friend know you're willing to help however you can!  Let her know she can call on you for whatever she needs whether it's someone to address invitations, help with the planning, or just someone to chat with when things get crazy.

Months out...
Offer to host (or at least help with) a shower.

Be sure to buy the appropriate dress and any needed accessories in a timely manner. I can't tell you how many times I've seen bridesmaids wait too long to buy the dress and it's out of stock!

Begin to talk with the bride about what she wants for a bachelorette party, start to coordinate with the other bridesmaids on dates.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding...
Help throw that awesome bachelorette party.

Make sure you're wedding attire is good to go. If need be, get your dress altered.

Schedule any needed beauty appointments. Nails, hair, etc.

Offer to go with the bride to a dress fitting so you can learn how to help her put on her dress, do up the bustle, put in the veil, etc.

Plan ahead. Schedule time off work, line up a babysitter, do whatever you need to do to coordinate you life so you're available for the upcoming wedding.

Wedding Weekend...
ALWAYS BE EARLY! Don't add stress to the bride's life by running late at any point during the wedding festivities.

Remember all the things you need: dress, shoes, proper undergarments, etc.

If you want to go above and beyond, pack an emergency kit: bobby pins, hairspray, sewing kit and a quick stain remover are the essentials.

When getting ready, put the brides needs before your own. I can't tell you how many times I, as the photographer, have had to assist the bride with getting ready because her bridesmaids were too busy worrying about their own hair and makeup.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE smile in the photos! I can't tell you how many times I'm sorting though thousands of bridal party photos and there's always one person who isn't smiling or who isn't looking at the camera. Don't ruin your friends wedding photos, even if you don't like getting your photos taken, it won't kill you to cooperate and will make the day easier for everyone else involved.

Above all, don't forget that your main job is to serve your friend, so even when you find yourself in the middle of wedding madness, remember, she'd do the same for you.

Next week: Tips for the gentlemen on how to be a good groomsman.

Photos by JKoe Photography.

Mischief Managed

How cute would these Harry Potter themed prints be in a home office, library or children's room. I think the Dumbledore quote is my favorite, how about you?

Christmas Shopping (Yes, Already!)

I'm a procrastinator with most things in life, but not with Christmas shopping.
A few years ago, I discovered if I start Christmas shopping in September, it makes the holiday season so much more enjoyable.

I hate crowds, I want to scream every time I hear that Christmas shoe song and I feel guilty every time I walk past a bell ringer and don't give them something, so avoiding the mall from Thanksgiving through New Years is the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

The added bonus of this, I feel like I've started to get much more creative with gifts. Instead of heading to a crowded department store on December 23rd and trying to find something for everyone in a few hours, I pick up gifts for people as they catch my eye throughout the fall. Teresa, your present is already in my closet!!!

Also, being a small business owner, I love being able to support other small businesses as well, both locally and on Etsy.

When do you start to shop for the holidays?
If you're looking for some ideas now, check out our Pinterest and stay tuned for some creative gift suggestions as the holidays get closer!

The Concert

As Teresa shared last week, her brother's new album just came out. On Friday we went to a concert to see them perform some of the new stuff live. 

Teresa's sister Laura was in town for the show, we all had a great time hanging out back stage and then watching the show along with 7500 screaming fans. 

Not gonna lie, we felt a little old, there are a lot of 17 year old Macklemore fans out there. 

If you haven't already, check out their new album! It's awesome, definitely something for everyone. The writing is refreshing and honest and the beats are very unique. This is not your typical hip hop. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots of Jason's from the show. 

The only reason I'd want to be a performer is so I could crowd surf like Ryan. 
   Mary Lambert, who sings the hook on "Same Love". If you're as obsessed with her voice as I am, you should check out her solo work. 

Here we are at the end of the night. Laura, Teresa and I. 

You can see more photos Jason's photos from the show here. Photo of the three of us, by the great Johnny Valencia

Monday Motivation

All of the gorgeous fall leaves and a magical weekend have me loving this print today. Hope your week is off to a great start. 

Friday Roundup

It's Friday!!! I am definitely excited for this weekend! My sister is in town from Florida and we're all headed to the big concert tonight to celebrate a wonderful week.

Hope you have fun plans, here are some links to get us started:

LOVE Anna Kendrick, watch this video and it's impossible not to.

Sweet potato, kale and pumpkin seed salad, yumm.

Did you who took the subway to his own concert? <3

If you're waiting for a sign, this is it. 

Gorgeous fall dinner party.

What how you walk says about you. 

How to cook and eat brussels sprouts.

Awesome film-inspired Halloween costumes for kids.

Fashion inspiration from the streets of Paris and South Africa.

Last day to win cute custom holiday cards over at Love @ Home.

Happy Friday!!

(Image from here)

Better for You Candy

Have you seen these in stores yet? They are new candy bars by Unreal, a company that's remade some of our favorite candy bar staples without preservatives, GMOs, artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oil or corn syrup. Glorious!  I picked up a few yesterday to try out (in the name of blog research of course!) and the peanut butter cups were my favorite. I wouldn't necessarily call these healthy, but they are definitely a better alternative and just in time for Halloween.

It's ME!

So I got my hair done this week and decided to go with a little more drastic change than normal. What do you think? I'm loving the change.

It's been an awkward few days, I keep running into people I don't know super well and have to say, "It's Jenny!" when I see looks of confusion trying to place me on their faces.

So, consider this blog post a PSA. If you see a dark haired Jenny in blog photos, on Facebook or in the real world, don't worry, it isn't my evil twin or Greek cousin. It's me!

Current Obsession: French Macarons

Did you know that French Macarons are naturally gluten-free?! I recently discovered this gem of information and have been indulging in the little morsels of goodness right and left. They are made from egg whites and almond meal with a creamy center and come in all sorts of fun flavors like passion fruit, salted caramel and chocolate coffee. My current favorites can be found at Ba Bar but if you have any recommendations I'd LOVE to hear them. It's the little things in life, right?