The Things I Can't Eat

For the last couple of years now I've been continually changing up my skincare routine. It seemed that no matter what I did, my skin was becoming more and more sensitive, red and blotchy and no matter the products I was using, it never seemed to get all the way better.

After putting it off for awhile, I finally set up an appointment with a doctor who immediately suggested I do allergy testing to see if that might be the culprit.

I was really hoping there'd be one simple thing I could remove from my life and make all of my problems go away, alas, no. The results came back and I'm allergic to SOY, WHEAT, EGGS, DAIRY, and SUGAR!


At first, I took it well. I'd actually already cut most things as well as a few others from my diet for the last few weeks just to see if it helped and not only is my skin looking much better, I have more energy and just all around feel healthier, in part because avoiding those things means pretty much avoiding fast and processed foods all together. So I left the doctor, thinking, this is great, I can do this! I'm going to be so much healthier!

But then I came home, and looked for a snack to eat, and got very overwhelmed. I'd previously cut soy, wheat, dairy and sugar from my diet, but not eggs. And in trying to avoid all of those other things, I'd definitely been relying more on eggs.

So the plan is to cut all of these things out and then slowly introduce them back in to see if I can actually handle any of them, maybe in moderation.

I've started a running list of all the things that I love that I still CAN eat. Guacamole. Sushi. Steak. Coffee. and well...this is when I start to feel sad again.

I keep telling myself there are actually a lot of things I should be thankful about and I am. I'm thankful I live somewhere that this diet isn't impossible, I'm thankful that my reactions to these things are only minimal, if I accidentally (or even purposely choose) to eat one of them, I'll survive. I am thankful that there's a chance that this is only temporary, that by balancing out my lifestyle (more sleep, less stress, etc.) I can possibly get back to a place where these things can be introduced back in.

I'm thankful that this will force me to live a healthier life.

Shout out to everyone out there who has to deal with dietary restrictions. It's hard! 

New Video

Jason directed Macklemore's latest video for the song "Drug Dealer" which came out today! This video production came in the middle of a crazy couple of months of projects, but it was super important for Jason (and myself) to fit it into our schedule because of the powerful message behind it.

Earlier this month, MTV debuted a documentary featuring Macklemore and President Obama, talking about opioid addiction and how huge of a problem this has become in the US. 

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday everyone! I was in Arizona this week for work and got to bring Fiona along. Isn't she the best in her little swimsuit?? I'm planning to get some exercise and get my house organized this weekend, also I'm dying to binge watch this.

Here are a few links to get us started:

Speaking of Transparent, fascinating interview with Gaby Hoffmann.

LOVE this revamped Airstream in Seattle. 

Cool way to frame art.

Beautiful letters to Michelle Obama.

Fall haircuts.

Is breastfeeding a captivity narrative?

Velvet shoes.

This made me laugh.

How to raise a feminist child.

Something Exciting....#ImWithHer

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an event in Seattle in support of Hillary Clinton for President. My brother, Ryan, spoke eloquently about the 30/30 Project and what healthcare means to our family and then helped to introduce HRC to a VERY enthusiastic crowd! It was one of those days where you pinch yourself and say IS THIS REAL LIFE?

We don't talk much about politics on this blog (and we will keep it that way for the most part), but I've been a huge fan of Hillary for a very long time and was even more impressed with her in person. I couldn't be more excited to have my kids growing up in the era in which we have our first female president of the United States.

One of the things I was struck by at the event was how much it seemed like she was truly enjoying herself. The crowd loved her and she seemed very at ease and positive up front addressing the crowd. She is under a tremendous amount of stress but she sure does have stamina and seems genuinely excited about the prospect of the huge responsibility that may be ahead of her. I was impressed.

The Best Wedding Card

I love this card from Iron Curtain Press! How right is this?!? You can get it here. 

If you find yourself in survival mode while planning your wedding, here are my tips for the big day. 

Friday Roundup

It definitely feels like autumn around here. I'm cozied up inside fighting a cold and a crazy storm is raging throughout the Pacific Northwest. I'm pretty sure my street looks like the above photo at this point. I'm planning on doing some reading and eating lots of soup this weekend.

It seems like all corners of the internet are filled with politics, and it's hard to find much else. I really appreciated Michelle Obama this week, she managed to so eloquently say many of the things that I've been feeling. Beyond that, this roundup will 100% free of politics! Just happy things here!

This has been my breakfast all week, which fits well, since it's #worldeggday

These just arrived, among a few other things, thanks crazy Shopbop sale! (still on until midnight!)

Hilarious little blurb from Maurice Sendak on fan mail.

Desserts from around the world...yum!

Elephant + Ostrich = Friends Forever

Who else loved Teen Witch?

The Rockettes are amazing. 

Have you seen the Museum of Selfies?

I want to DIY this for our studio!

If you like photography: "Elliott Erwitt's Visual One-Liners" 

Seattle Spotlight: Antiquing

Big Daddy Antiques
So I've been on a quest to find some new furniture for my house that's not insanely expensive and is somewhat original. Enter: antiquing. I've gone with a mid-century/industrial/boho look (sort of) with the new place so I'm aiming for an eclectic mix of pieces that somehow create a cohesive vibe. Seattle has some fun spots that I hadn't ever been to, makes a fun day if you're on the hunt for unique stuff!

Here are a few I went to:

Homestead Seattle: LOVE this little store on Capital Hill. Particularly love their selection of amazing vintage rugs. Check it out.

Big Daddy: HUGE warehouse of awesome and eclectic furniture.  Some of it is a bit out of my price range but it's worth going in just for a fun experience scouting different styles and chatting with their awesome staff/owners.

Georgetown Antiques: There is a whole strip of antique furniture stores in Georgetown that are so fun to check out. Kirk Albert and Susan Wheeler Home are both out of my price range but oh so fun to walk through. District Georgetown had some pieces that sparked my interest!

Ballard Consignment: Love this huge consignment furniture store in Ballard. I found the most pieces here that I could afford and would look great in my place. Headed back this weekend to pick up a sideboard!

Happy Shopping Seattle!