Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! It's been a busy week around here. Not much blogging happening. Sorry :(

I hope you all have a lovely labor day weekend full of road trips, barbecues and fun. I'll be trying not  to mourn the loss of August too much and try and remember how much I do actually enjoy September! 

Also, we're going to take a little break from blogging to revamp and get ready for the next season! See you in a week or so! 

I'll leave you with some fun things from around the web this week...

 Hipster Barbie is killing the game on Instagram

Sesame Street did a When Harry Met Sally parody, the diner seen is VERY different. 

Would you try a smartphone detox?

Photo @jkoephoto

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Monday, August 31, 2015

New Show: Chef's Table

Patrick and I are about half way through a fabulous new series on Netflix called Chef's Table.  It showcases different chefs from around the world, how they got started, their creative process, support system, and what makes them great.  The cinematography and showcasing of the different dishes is incredible. Even more than the food though the show's emphasis on hard work and creativity is inspiring. I'd highly recommend it! You can watch the trailer here

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. It feels like summer came to an abrupt end here in Seattle with the rain but I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend and celebrating my niece, Jae's, first birthday! 

Here are some links to get us started.

NYC summer love.

Summer's not over yet! Three easy white wine spritzers. (pictured)

Amazing summer cabin (and stunning family).

Would you ever live on a train?

How to find cheap airline tix. And tips for booking a round the world ticket (oh how I wish!).

Can we be friends please??? Can't wait for the new movie colab.

How to teach yourself to be a morning person.

(Wine Spritzer Photo)

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Video...

The project that's taken over our summer is finally out! I'm thrilled to be able to share it! Co-directed by Jason, along with Ryan Lewis and Macklemore. It was a beast of a production, but tons of fun to be a part the video here!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Studio Update...

We've had our studio space since March and we're still not quite fully settled in. But we're very close! Amidst being all over the place for different projects, we've slowly been putting it together.

I do love that since we've taken the time to put things together we've ended up with some really unique pieces. Above, is a closeup of a set of vintage wooden lockers we picked up at District in Georgetown. Judging by the random things I've cleaned out of them, and the name card above, they seem to have belonged to Yellow Cab back when phone numbers started with words!

Here's a peek of the "living room" was a big goal of ours to make the space cozy and inviting. We want clients, artists, friends, everyone really, to feel at home. Can you spot my slippers in the photo above?  I like to wear them around the office while working! 

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Laura and Alex's Gatsby-Themed Wedding!

We had SUCH a fun weekend celebrating the marriage of my sister, Laura and her husband, Alex. As you might remember, they were married in January 2014 during the Grammy Awards in LA. It was an amazing experience but such a whirlwind and there were only a couple of their friends and family present. So they decided to throw a Gatsby-themed wedding celebration this weekend and said their vows in front of a larger crowd of loved ones. It was SOO fun and unique, those two definitely know how to throw an amazing soiree! We'll post more pictures later this week but here are a few from the always incredible JKOE that capture the beauty of the day.

Photos by Studio JKOE

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! We're gearing up for a big weekend around here. A fun wedding and the final days of post production on a fun project that I'll be sharing next week :) Ok, on to the fun things!

This IRL love story sounds like a rom-com plot.

$10 from the sale this glassybaby goes to the Chelan Fire Relief Fund.

GAP Kids + Ellen, makes me wish I was 9 again.

Trapper Keepers, smelly markers and that Encyclopedia Britannica commercial that was burned into my brain to the point that I found myself thinking about it last week...90's nostalgia back to school supplies

I really need to go back to yoga...

Thinking of trying this scrub

Photo Studio JKOE

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