New Show: Chef's Table

Patrick and I are about half way through a fabulous new series on Netflix called Chef's Table.  It showcases different chefs from around the world, how they got started, their creative process, support system, and what makes them great.  The cinematography and showcasing of the different dishes is incredible. Even more than the food though the show's emphasis on hard work and creativity is inspiring. I'd highly recommend it! You can watch the trailer here

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. It feels like summer came to an abrupt end here in Seattle with the rain but I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend and celebrating my niece, Jae's, first birthday! 

Here are some links to get us started.

NYC summer love.

Summer's not over yet! Three easy white wine spritzers. (pictured)

Amazing summer cabin (and stunning family).

Would you ever live on a train?

How to find cheap airline tix. And tips for booking a round the world ticket (oh how I wish!).

Can we be friends please??? Can't wait for the new movie colab.

How to teach yourself to be a morning person.

(Wine Spritzer Photo)

New Video...

The project that's taken over our summer is finally out! I'm thrilled to be able to share it! Co-directed by Jason, along with Ryan Lewis and Macklemore. It was a beast of a production, but tons of fun to be a part the video here!

Studio Update...

We've had our studio space since March and we're still not quite fully settled in. But we're very close! Amidst being all over the place for different projects, we've slowly been putting it together.

I do love that since we've taken the time to put things together we've ended up with some really unique pieces. Above, is a closeup of a set of vintage wooden lockers we picked up at District in Georgetown. Judging by the random things I've cleaned out of them, and the name card above, they seem to have belonged to Yellow Cab back when phone numbers started with words!

Here's a peek of the "living room" was a big goal of ours to make the space cozy and inviting. We want clients, artists, friends, everyone really, to feel at home. Can you spot my slippers in the photo above?  I like to wear them around the office while working! 

Laura and Alex's Gatsby-Themed Wedding!

We had SUCH a fun weekend celebrating the marriage of my sister, Laura and her husband, Alex. As you might remember, they were married in January 2014 during the Grammy Awards in LA. It was an amazing experience but such a whirlwind and there were only a couple of their friends and family present. So they decided to throw a Gatsby-themed wedding celebration this weekend and said their vows in front of a larger crowd of loved ones. It was SOO fun and unique, those two definitely know how to throw an amazing soiree! We'll post more pictures later this week but here are a few from the always incredible JKOE that capture the beauty of the day.

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! We're gearing up for a big weekend around here. A fun wedding and the final days of post production on a fun project that I'll be sharing next week :) Ok, on to the fun things!

This IRL love story sounds like a rom-com plot.

$10 from the sale this glassybaby goes to the Chelan Fire Relief Fund.

GAP Kids + Ellen, makes me wish I was 9 again.

Trapper Keepers, smelly markers and that Encyclopedia Britannica commercial that was burned into my brain to the point that I found myself thinking about it last week...90's nostalgia back to school supplies

I really need to go back to yoga...

Thinking of trying this scrub

Photo Studio JKOE

Would You Stay in a Hostel with Your Kids?

The last time I stayed in a hostel was April of 2011 in Belfast, Ireland. We were living in Dublin at the time and traveled up to Belfast with my brother and some friends. We booked two rooms and my friend's husband was kind enough to switch with me so that us girls could have our own room and the boys bunked in together. The trouble was there was music blasting until 4am. When we checked out the next morning I looked Patrick in the eyes and said, "I will never stay in a hostel again." I was 27 years old at the time and decided that my hostels days were at an end.

These hostels may just make me change my mind though! All of these spots are family friendly and boast a lot of unique features that seem so fun for kids. Would you stay in one?

Cozy and family friendly this place is adorable...

Costa Verde 727 Fuselage, Costa Rica
Yes, this is a hostel in a plane. CRAZY!

Freehand Miami, Florida
I WILL stay here. This is the place that started my wild goose chase of family friendly hostels. 

Lake Chelan Wedding

This past weekend, we shot a wedding at Karma Vineyards in Lake Chelan. The night before the wedding, most of the bridal party was evacuated due to a wildfire in the area.

This is a GREAT example of a couple who dealt with a lot of stress in the 24 hours leading up to their wedding. Some plans were changed, some guests couldn't make it, but at the end of the day, you wouldn't have known, they looked amazing and it was a wonderful day of celebrating!

Hayley's hair and makeup people ended up canceling last minute but bridesmaids stepped up and her hair and makeup were flawless.

More than that, these guys chose to forget the little details of things that were changed last minute, and chose to enjoy the day. Because, really, the only thing that can wreck a wedding is if the couple chooses to stress out instead of enjoying it. When you're saying "I do" to the person you love, that's really all that matters.

And, in a lemonade out of lemons situation, the wildfire made for a really unique sky and beautiful photos.

More photos are on the JKoe Facebook Page...

Beginner Mistake in the Kitchen

I recently read this article from over at The Kitchn about the one mistake beginners make in the kitchen and I am definitely guilty! They say that the best way to ruin meat or other things that are frying/grilling is to move them around too much. I'm generally an impatient person so it's hard for me not to check on whatever I'm cooking. Also there is something about "stirring" that makes it feel like things are moving along even if they aren't. I was very diligent last night when browning chicken breasts not to move them and they turned out great-- what a great tip!

PS. I definitely want to try the chicken recipe that they recommend, looks amazing.


Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! It's supposed to rain here in Seattle, and I'm pretty giddy to be honest. This weekend will be one of our first in town this summer and I'm excited to just meander around and see this movie with Patrick. Hope you have a great weekend!

I'm totally using his mantra as soon as I can "I'm too old for this."

"I'm an obstetrician and I failed at breastfeeding."

Love this house and it's rugs.

Have you listened to the Gilmore Guys fan podcast?? #nerdalert

"Home Goal" list aspirations.

22 food hits from the 90's--- homemade gushers!!

Thinking about taking a trip here this winter....

20 songs to breast pump to (why didn't I think of this?!).


I'm heading home from Montreal today after a lovely impromptu couple of days relaxing and exploring Montreal solo. I'm realizing I've never actually been on vacation by myself before, and honestly, I'm still not sure whether I'd do it again on purpose. It wasn't meant to be a solo trip, Jason was supposed to be up here for work this week, but plans changed last minute and he was needed in Seattle instead. In my head, I'm already referring to this trip as "Montreallalone" Get it? Hehe.

It's been a crazy month of projects, and I was really hoping to have a couple of days with Jason. Even though he would have been working, we would have been away from the rest of our busy lives and the endless to do lists. But it seems I was meant to be alone for a few days instead. As you might be able to guess by this, somewhat atypical, overly introspective blog post, a couple days alone with my thoughts might have been exactly what I needed.

Mainly, I need to stop worrying. In the course of a few hours, I went from worrying about what I would do all alone for 3 days now that Jason wasn't going to be joining me in Montreal, to worrying that 3 days alone in Montreal wasn't enough time to do everything I wanted to! It's like my brain doesn't know what to do with itself if it isn't fixated on worrying about something.

One of my favorite things about travel, is the ability to see your life from a distance. Somehow, looking back at all the things I need to do when I'm home doesn't look quite as daunting from far away. I love feeling refreshed and just a little homesick, just enough to make me look forward to going home. A break from my reality always leaves me in a better state of mind, relaxed and ready to tackle life without overly obsessing about the things I cannot control and more appreciative of the people that I missed while I was in Montreal all alone.

Vacation Fun: Flash Tattoos

We are home from vacation and had an amazing time at Priest Lake last week! I can't wait to share more pictures but in the meantime I had to post about our fun little vacation accessory, Flash Tattoos! I got these for a gift in the spring and threw them in my bag at the last minute to try out on vacation. There were a ton in the package and we girls cut them all up and used them as rings, bracelets, arm bands, anklets, etc. With multiple sunscreen applications and swimming they didn't last the full 4-5 days but we enjoyed them for a while and they came off really easy. I think little girls would love these too! 

PS. Beyonce just designed a set of Flash Tattoos-- next time!

Friday Roundup (On Saturday, and all the way from Canada...)

Welp, it's Saturday. I'm a day late with the roundup. But I have a good excuse. I'm in Montreal! Really! It was a super last minute work trip. I took a red eye last night. I'm now sitting in a cute little coffee shop, trying to pretend like I'm a native. Which means I'm attempting to speak the little French I remember and pretending like I haven't been wearing the same clothes for over 24 hours. The good news is, soon I'll be able to check into my hotel. Also, I have a few days here to sightsee. Any and all recommendations for what to see, do and eat in Montreal are appreciated!

I will definitely be seeking out some Poutine later today :)

Dog shows, back in the day, like WAY back in the day.

This was a great week for music in 1995, check out the top 10 singles. 

You're better off as a nerd in middle school. Who says? Science! 

Definitely going to check out Warby Parker's pop up shop at Nordstrom. 

A Beautifully Quirky Southern California Wedding

Here are a few photos from Cynthia & Wesley's wedding in Santa Ynez last weekend. I LOVED this couple's attitude towards their big day. They set out to create a fun weekend for family and friends and filled it with details that were uniquely them. Jason and I are always encouraging couples that we work with to put they own style into their wedding. Everyone has already been to the cookie cutter wedding, do something different. And these guys definitely did. 

The sweetest song...

Have  you heard it yet? I'm thrilled that the world finally gets to hear this sweet song, I love the wisdom, I love the sentiment and I love that it's a collaboration between my friends.

Among other things, it's inspired me to finally get around to reading The Alchemist.

If you haven't already, I recommend that you check it out on YouTube and make sure you stick around for the end :)

"Working" in Los Angeles...

While Teresa's enjoying her vacation. I'm working from LA for the next few days.

I use "working" fairly loosely because we shot an awesome wedding this weekend that was basically us getting to hang out some fun and very creative people (photos to come tomorrow!)  and now I've stayed for a few more days to work on a project with my friend Ash Lendzion. We're writing a script! Ash is a former college roommate of Teresa and mine. She's an actress and writer and an all around hilarious person who has done a bunch of script writing, but for me, this is the first thing I've attempted to write (well, other than this blog). Its the type of thing we've talked about doing for a long time, and then actually came up with an idea worth working on. Obviously if it turns out to be amazing, you'll be hearing plenty more about it :)

Anyhow, after a long day of  creativity, Ash and I walked from her place in Studio City to Spitz for some Mediterranean Street Food and it was bomb. They had four different varieties of sangria. Of course I loved the one with lavender.

And then, there were these. Streetcar Fries covered in goodness. We also shared a plate of veggies with hummus and tzatziki and the Streetcar Doner, which is an amazing wrap. I'd recommend it all. 

Somehow, after a whole day spent with Ash, this is the only photo I have to show. Just think of her as the new Wilson. You know, the neighbor from Home Improvement? Maybe you'll never see all of her face.

Taking the Week Off

Hello from Idaho! I'm going to take the week off of blogging to enjoy some family time and sunshine. See you next week!