Wedding Wednesday: What's Your Scent?

Scent can be a powerful trigger of emotional  memories.   

Armed with this knowledge from Psych 101, I was convinced I needed to find myself a special wedding fragrance. 

As someone who only occasionally wears perfume, I had no idea where to start, so in the weeks leading up to my own wedding, I spent hours wandering Nordstrom and Sephora, smelling, spraying, pondering. 

One day, a very patient Sephora employee spent 45 minutes telling me about all of the more traditional wedding fragrances, many made by Vera Wang and all very floral. As a last ditch effort she grabbed Miss Dior off the shelf and I loved it. Being in the stressed/emotional state of wedding planning, I teared up and shouted, "This is the one!" totally freaking out the woman helping me and a few shoppers. It's a little floral, but a bit more unique. POPCORN is listed as one of the "notes" of fragrance in it, really. 

Even a few years after the wedding, I still love the scent and the memories it brings back and am looking forward to how much more impactful that'll be in the years to come. 

Here are some ideas on wedding perfumes from around the web...

I'm curious to hear, are you planning on picking a special wedding perfume? If you're already married, did you? 


  1. Love this. I wish I would have done a special perfume for my wedding. I love the smell of the top middle one in the photo, it's the new one from Chloe.

  2. I wore Chanel Allure in honor of my grandma who couldn't be there. The scent isn't what I normally wear but smelling it throughout the day was a perfect way for me to remember and think of her on my wedding day!

  3. I wore Falling in Love (Philosophy). It is super subtle and always reminds me of our early times together.