Wedding Wednesday: A Bicycle Built for Two...Creative Exits

For the next few weeks, we will be bringing you creative exit ideas. Just a few unique ways to leave in style.

First up, Rob & Meg who pedaled off from their reception on a tandem bike built by the groom!

This is definitely for a bride more willing to be adventurous in her wedding dress.

If you're wanting to do any sort of bike exit from your wedding, I'd recommend trying it out in your wedding dress ahead of time, or at least practicing to make sure you can bend however you need to to get on and stay on!

Meg knew ahead of time that pedaling wasn't going to be possible for her in the dress, so you'll notice in the photos that she opted to keep her feet and the train of her dress up and out of the way.

These guys successfully made it from Sodo to their hotel downtown Seattle.

Next week: leaving your reception on foot! 

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Images by Studio JKoe

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