Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Month Favorites: Baby Gear

4-6 month favorites

Here is some of our family's favorite gear from the fourth through sixth month stage. I'm thinking at the end of the year I'll have to put together a sort of ultimate registry guide as well, I loved what Cup of Jo posted last week.

1. Boon Bathtub Appliques: These are so wonderful, Mylo is OBSESSED with them. He loves playing with them in the bath but I also throw a few in the diaper bag and around the house for him to gum and play with. I'm going to buy these for every baby shower I attend in the future, one of my all time favorites.

2. Little Giraffe "Splash and Dry" Towel: Jenny bought this for Mylo and I can't describe how far superior it is to other towels we have for him. It's is super fast absorbing, drys quickly, is extremely soft and still big enough for him now. It's a little pricey but so worth it.

3. Jellycat Stuffed Animals: I can't get enough of the Jellycat animals and neither can Mylo. As I've mentioned before he love having soft things by his face while he sleeps and these Jellycat animals are just perfect.

4. Chewbeads: I got two sets of Chewbeads as gifts and thought they were super cute and fun. Little did I know that they would become one of Mylo's favorite toys too. They are nice to have in a restaurant or out and about because they serve the same purpose as a pacifier but don't get thrown on the floor quite as easily.

5. MAM Night Glow Pacifiers: These will be at the top of my "must get" registry items. I happend upon them by accident and they are AMAZING. I put like five of them next to Mylo when he goes to bed and both of us an can find them during the night when he wakes up because they really do glow. MAM was also the only brand of paci he would take as an infant.

6. BOB "Revolution SE" Stroller: We were lucky enough to be gifted a BOB stroller when Mylo was born. I also have the Britax B-Agile (which we love) and thought of the BOB as a fun extra. Boy was I wrong! We use the BOB every single day because the streets around our house are completely uneven and is more suited for rugged terrain. I love having the Britax stroller in my car for trips out shopping, etc and the BOB at home for exercise and long walks on uneven pavement. It will also be great when we are in Northern Idaho this summer!

7. The North Face "Buttery" Fleece Bunting: Another item that we used every single day this winter. Mylo loves to be outside and this little suit was our go to for wintery walks around Seattle. It is so incredibly soft and comfy.

8. Baby Einstein Musical Activity Jumper: We used this as a hand me down from Kenedee and it has been a total and complete lifesaver. Mylo loves to bounce in it and it gives us a break from holding him. He's been using it since about four months (he's tall) and I'm betting he won't grow out of it until he starts walking.

PS. First month and also second and third month favorites.

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