Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Fair Trade

This year for Mother's Day share the love by purchasing fair trade and supporting artisans around the world who are making wonderful things. You can give the all the moms in your life a beautiful gift and explain that it's purchase is supporting a better life for women, some mothers just like them, all around the world. 

Scarf- Made by women (and some men too!) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for Karama Gifts. I visited their workspace and met the artisans who make these scarves and let me tell you, a lot of hard work goes in to the process. From spinning fibers to yarn and dying it to working it together thread by thread on giant looms, these are beautifully crafted. ON SALE TODAY! (MAY 1st) 

Sandals- Made in Uganda, the mission of Sseko Designs is to not only create fashionable sandals and accessories but to provide income for women to go on to attend university. 

Bracelet- This Mother of Pearl and Silver bracelet is made in Zanzibar . I been to their studio and watched as this lively group of women turned large pieces of shell into delicate jewelry-all while laughing and chatting with each other. 

Purse- Made in Guatemala by Uxibal. Their goal is to improve the lives of local women by teaching and employing them to make fashionable leather goods. I love their boots too! 

Pitcher- This beautiful silver pitcher would make a lovely gift filled with spring flowers. Made by a collective in India who mainly employs stay at home moms! Sold by Ten Thousand Villages online and perhaps at a store near you. 

Throw Pillow- Made in Vietnam and sold by Ten Thousand Villages. 

Picture Frame- Add in a #tbt worthy photo of you and your mom from back in the day and you've got a priceless treasure. Made in the Philippines, by an organization created to support marginalized women and youth. 

Body Butter- This lavender body butter is handmade in Malawi and sold by Karama Gifts, a non-profit who sells products made by artisans from all across Africa. 

Necklace- If you're more of a last minute gift giver and don't have time to wait for something to be shipped, look for this beautiful necklace at Anthropologie! It's made by artists in Kenya. You'll find other fairly traded goodies on their shelves too! 

PS. Check back next week and we will be featuring locally made products from the Seattle area and other small businesses across the U.S. 

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