Project Pinterest LIVES!

After creatively stacking books in my fireplace last week, it's like the floodgates opened. I'm itching to be crafty again. Remember the summer of 2012- when we made mud pies into stepping stones and magically turned wine bottles into pretty vases? I've decided to bring Project Pinterest back for the summer.

My rather lofty DIY goals for this summer include:

-Sewing throw pillows with the fabric I've purchased while traveling (not to get ahead of myself too much, the first step is learning how to use a sewing machine...)

-Making kombucha & homemade cheese

-Making shelves, painting some walls, getting creative with photos...anything to make my home more homey

-Creating gifts for friends: candles, jewelry, the like

What do you think? Anyone have a good craft project for me to try?


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  2. YES! These were some of my favorite posts... I'm kind of a pinterest addict. I have a bunch of fabric from overseas that I'm wanted to make pillows or something out of too, so I will be on the lookout for what you end up doing. I've also seen lots of DIY natural room scents on pinterest that are intriguing, like this one: