Wedding Wednesday: Last Minute Tips & Tricks

Well, here we are in the middle of wedding season, so I thought I'd offer up some (sort of random) pieces of wisdom for all of you about to say "I Do".  Things I've learned after years of weddings, things I'm reminding brides of in the weeks leading up to their weddings and situations I've often run into on the big day. 

Be sure to have your bouquets and boutonnieres arrive in time for photos! Also, be sure your bridal party and family arrives on time too! If they tend to run late, try telling everyone to be ready 15-30 minutes before you actually need them.

Boutonnieres go on the left. 

If a boutonniere breaks, do a little flower surgery. Usually an extra pin going up through the base and into the decapitated flower will hold it together and keep it looking nice for the rest of the day.

How to tie a tie. 

How to tie a bow tie. 

Appropriate socks are something groomsmen often forget. Have the groom grab  some extras to have on hand. No one wants a groomsman in white ankle socks and black dress shoes.

EAT! Don't forget to be eating throughout the day. Have your venue (or a kind friend) provide snacks or lunch for you and your bridal party at some point during the day and have plenty of water on hand as well. Everyone will want to talk with you at the reception, but I promise, you'll enjoy it more if you get a chance to sit and eat for a few minutes somewhere during the night. Sometimes the best time to do this is right after the ceremony while the guests are at cocktail hour.

Give your DJ  "MUST PLAY" and "DO NOT PLAY" lists. Trust me, even the best DJ's can pick a song you hate. A lot of DJ's will ask for this anyway, just to get a sense of your style.

Avoid the risk of staining your dress and stick with white wines, champagne and other light colored beverages for the day.

For more, check out our Wedding Wednesday Pinterest Board as well as the last roundup of wedding ideas.

Photos JKoe Photography, shot last weekend at Semiahmoo Resort.


  1. What a great list! People really do forget about the little things sometimes, so it's always important to keep a list of the last minute details to be remembered. I always have to tell my brides to eat, especially! They are so caught up in the day, that they forget to take care of themselves :(


    1. You're totally right about eating! I'll often have a cliff bar or something in my bag for Jason and I to eat and will end up giving it to a bride half way through pictures.