Wedding Wednesday: Programs

Reward your guests who arrive early with some engrossing reading material while they are anxiously awaiting your trip down the aisle.

Programs should be both informative and entertaining. I love when couples include something unique or unexpected. It can be as simple as explaining how you know the members of your bridal party instead of just a list of names or maybe writing a note of thanks to your parents.

Here are a few other creative ideas for spicing things up:

Custom art by the flower girl on the back of the program.

Fortune Tellers! Whoever said programs had to be flat? I love this idea. You can buy these on Etsy. (image via Camis Paperie)

For my own wedding, we included funny little anecdotes about the bridal party, well I at least thought they were funny...I dug up a program to show you.

Write a personal note to your family and friends, letting them know how much their support and love means to you two. 

If your ceremony is fairly short and programs aren't your style,  give your guests something else they can use. 
On the other hand, if it's gonna be a long one, why not give them a snack along with their programs. In Indian wedding ceremonies, it's customary to feed your guests something sweet. 
This last one is from the wedding last weekend. The groom wrote a song for his bride and sang it to her during the ceremony. He had the lyrics printed in the program so all the guests could be in on the surprise. 


  1. Those are such fun ideas! I'm not getting married anytime soon, but someday I'll refer to this post for ideas. :)

  2. I love all of these ideas! Clients ask me all the time what to put in programs, and I always just tell them the basics. I might need to start adding a few cute ideas in there, though ;)

    Thanks for linking up today!