Family Trip to Southern Cali

Last week we took a family trip to Southern California to visit Patrick's aunt and uncle, Kathy and Mike. They live north of LA in Ventura County and were SO generous to welcome us and our extremely energetic toddler into their home for a week. After all the sickness and busyness of this winter it was absolutely wonderful to relax and soak up some Californian sun. Mylo had a blast playing at the beach as you can see above. He wanted to run back and forth "like a jet."

Speaking of jet's, he was SOO excited to be going on a plane. For the most part he was a good little traveler (a few meltdowns along the way, after all, he is two) and we made it there and back in tact. 
We explored a lot of Ventura County with visits to Ojai, Carpenteria, Santa Barbara and Oxnard Beach. My favorite was probably Ojai, we had a wonderful time exploring Bart's Books (an outdoor bookstore!), the Sunday farmer's market, and may cute shops (FIG was my favorite!). We also had a wonderful breakfast at the Ojai Cafe Emporium that included an amazing croissant cinnamon roll!

Kathy and Mike babysat for us one afternoon/evening so we could meet up with my friend Jenn and explore the new Broad Museum in downtown LA. We had a great time learning about modern art and drinking margaritas without the toddler!
We celebrated my birthday with lots of dessert, pasta and a fun hat that Mylo couldn't get enough of. Thanks Mike and Kath for a wonderful week! 


Saturday Roundup

Happy Weekend! My amazing MIL took pity on us this weekend with all of the sickness and took little Mylo off our hands! Can't wait to rest and recover all weekend without a cute toddler asking me, "Why??" every three minutes.

What are you up to this weekend? Here are some links to get us going:

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Bachelor fans, this made me laugh.


Just Trying to Get By...

Believe it or not, Mylo and I have come down with another round of colds. He was sick for most of our trip to CA and I fear I may have strep throat. It actually has me contemplating pulling him out of daycare so that we can heal and rest before the new baby comes at the end of May. I'm tired of hearing myself complain about being sick and we are all SO run down from the endless barrage of illnesses that have plagues us since September. 

Speaking of our trip to CA, can't wait to share some photos next week with all of you. It was incredibly relaxing and just what I needed. We stayed with Patrick's aunt and uncle in Ventura Co. and were completely spoiled and pampered for the week. I told my sister I wish I could just live there until the baby comes and she was like "Yes! Like the old days when people were like -- I'm going to live with my aunt in the country until the new arrival." I WISH!! 

Anyway, thanks for commiserating with me and I do hope to be back to more regular blogging in the near future. 

Short trip to Korea

I'm back in the states after my quick trip to visit my sister for her birthday this past weekend. I had such a great time, I only wish it didn't take quite so long to get over there! Stephanie was so surprised, all weekend she kept on saying, "I can't believe you're here!"

We had a great relaxing weekend, we went to a jimjibang, which is a traditional Korean bath house, it felt so great to sit in a salt water hot tub and look out at the sea and get a massage too! We also visited Innisfree's Jeju House where you can explore all of their great beauty and skincare products and even make your own soap.

I made Stephanie take me to ALL of the Korean skincare stores, Innisfree, Skin Food, The Face Shop, etc. and I need to do a post on Korean beauty products soon! As you can see above, we found some fun face masks! Incase you can't tell, I'm a fox and she's a lion :)

Friday Roundup

Hello from Jeju! I'm a head of you all in getting to the relaxing as it's already Saturday morning here. I plan on drinking green tea lattes and looking out at the sea. We're going for a walk on the trail above later today. And of course I'll be stocking up on my favorite  face masks!  I hope you have a lovely weekend too! Especially Teresa, who's birthday is Sunday!

Meanwhile, back in Seattle... great food+cocktails 

"Healthy" cookies, made with avocado

Jennifer Aniston's thoughts on age, I really appreciate her philosophy.

For all of you missing Downton Abbey... 

A nail polish I might actually be capable of putting on myself! 

A throwback to BTS of Little House on the Prairie

Decluttering your home, always something I'm looking for tips on.

Image above from For Those Who Love South Korea

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

 When your sister turns 30, the best thing to do is fly half way around the world to celebrate with her!

I think I've mentioned it before, my sister Stephanie lives on Jeju Island, South Korea where she teaches at an international school. I was in cahoots with one of Steph's friends and co-workers who was able to get other teachers in on it, switch her class schedule around and make everything perfect!

Stephanie has no idea I was coming, she didn't even think her co-workers or students knew it was her birthday, so she was surprised enough when the technology teacher called her into her room and all of Stephanie's students were wearing party hats and sang happy birthday to her. Then they said there was a present for her in the other room, and naturally, since the kids were so excited about it, Stephanie thought it must be some sort of cookie or treat for everyone, but it was me!!!

I'm just here for a few days, but so glad I was able to make it work to come see her and celebrate. 

Love this App!

Stop what you're doing! It's time for you to start wasting your time on this! The YouCam App lets you put tryout different makeup styles on yourself in real time on your phone screen. I've been playing it for the last hour. Some of the makeup styles are good, some are crazy. It's way too much fun!

Now, I'm off to put on more makeup in real life...

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? I am finally feeling better and plan to go on some good walks and prepare for our trip to California next week! Sunshine here we come!

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(Cat wrapping)

Baby Bump Update

Jenny requested a bump update so here it is! The photo above was taken last week at 26 weeks and now I'm in the third trimester at 27 weeks. I'm not gonna lie, this has been a bit of a rough pregnancy for me with all the bugs that we have caught. I'm FINALLY feeling better after a dose of antibiotics and recovering from my FOURTH round of the stomach flu this pregnancy earlier this week.

Glad to be feeling better and hoping we can all stay well for our trip to southern California next week to visit Patrick's family. I am excited to see some sun and Mylo is thrilled to be going on a plane. Should be a fun adventure.