Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! You aren't going to believe it but we got ANOTHER round of sickness this week. Mylo and I were knocked out by a 24 hour stomach flu, I'm just emerging and trying to keep solid foods down. Can we please get healthy?? I'm starting to read about essential oils because we need to be more proactive about keep these bugs out of our house. If anyone has tips or insight please share! 
Here's to the beautiful weekend ahead, I'll be airing out my house and soaking up some vitamin D. 
This looks delicious and healthy and exactly what I need in my life right now. 
I thought this was a lovely and powerful article about from Modern Love. 
Frida Kahlo's beautiful wardrobe revealed.
What kids eat for school lunch in France. Wow. 
This 2016 TV Schedule Poem made me laugh. 

Love Jimmy Kimmel.

Important article if you love mani/pedi's like me.  

This Canadian destination is at the top of my local wanderlust list, an I don't even surf. Also, yes please, trains are the best. 

Why Anne Lamott hates Mother's Day

Yes, I'm a nerd and I love this

Six Seattle playgrounds with good lunch restaurants nearby! 

Predicting a Child's Future

I read this article recently and it resonated with a conversation that comes up often between Patrick and I. When I was pregnant we used to speculate about what our baby was going to look like and what type of personality he would have. That only multiplied exponentially once he was born and seemed to have a little personality of his own from day one. He was born scowling and opinionated, smiled and laughed early, is always (ALWAYS) moving and on the go, loves to eat, intensely focuses on what he wants to do, and isn't quick to let strangers touch or interact with him. From the beginning we've been saying how he is smart, dramatic, focused, and energetic. But where do you draw the fortune telling line? Especially now that he is beginning to understand what we are saying about him and others. People's personalities change a lot over time. It's easy to try to put a person in a box but it's so important for children to know that they can change and be themselves.

For example, up until a few months ago Mylo was not a very affectionate or attached child, he would push us away when we tried to snuggle him, wouldn't fuss if a babysitter came, and rarely even sat on our laps. But about the time we got back from Argentina there was a big shift with him and he has become much more affectionate, hugging and kissing us, wants to snuggle and sleep in our bed and cries loudly when we leave for work in the morning.  It's such a dramatic change for him but of course he is growing and shifting in his personality, he's not even two years old!

We are trying to make an effort to affirm him and who he is while not boxing him in or comparing him to other children. Definitely not an easy goal. Any advice out there? Would love to hear your thoughts on this....

Seattle Spotlight: Date Night

Two weekends ago Patrick and I got a sitter and went out for a rare date. The weather in Seattle has been glorious so we sat outside on the rooftop deck at Terra Plata on Capital Hill and took in the fresh air. We got lucky and ended up at the bar table near the end that had it's own built in fireplace on the counter. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, I can't believe we hadn't been there before. In particular their roasted brussels sprouts were to DIE for and we loved the dessert as well.

After that we headed to see Lord Huron play at the Showbox. It's been WAY too long since we've gone to a concert together -- we had a blast.

What do you like to do on date nights? Would love any creative recommendations!

PS My lipgloss is from YSL and I LOVE it.

(Terra Plata rooftop photo)

Monday Motivation

I'm back after an impromptu week off -- I ended up getting the flu from Mylo and then was just overwhelmed with life. Patrick was kind enough to take Mylo down to Tacoma on Saturday night so I got the chance to get caught up and spend some time alone. It's crazy how rarely I get that "me time" anymore to just not have a plan and wander around doing whatever sparks my interest. I went to Target, Nordstrom Rack, got a pedicure, walked the lake with a friend, stopped in for a glass of wine with family, and was able to organize and clean my bedroom. Definitely feeling better about life!