Pantry Success!

My pantry is no longer filled with pasta that expired in 2011 AND I can park my vacuum in there now, hooray! It's the little things in life that make me oh so happy.

I now know: how to clean vases & when food expires*

The weirdest thing I found: Spray on hair dye, the kind you buy for halloween. It was living between the food processor, some cereal and lightbulbs- clearly the best place to keep it. Also, it had expired.

How to keep it clean: I finally threw away an unopened, Costco sized box of rice noodles after discovering that had expired a couple years back. I'd bought it on a whim thinking that someday I might try and make my own Pad Thai. A restaurant called Amazing Thai (and rightfully so) delivers to our house, why would I EVER make my own Thai food? From now on, I'm sticking to tried and true pantry staples. The grocery store is so close, I can easily run and grab anything I don't have on hand when I know I'm actually going to follow through on making it.

*Seriously though,! It's exactly as it sounds, a site that tells you when things go bad, incredibly handy for things that are opened or maybe aren't in their original packaging anymore.


  1. I really need a pantry clean out...this is inspiring.

    1. It was hard, but totally worth it! Good Luck!