Wedding Wednesday: Creative Bachelorette Ideas

When someone says "Bachelorette Party" most people think limo, bar hopping, dancing at a club and drinking. But there are so many other options. Some of my favorite bachelorette parties have been the more out of the box ones that are more tailored to the style and personality of the bachelorette herself.

Here are a few things my friends and I have enjoyed to get you thinking:

Pole Dancing Lessons Last summer I planned a bachelorette party for a good friend that involved pole dancing lessons. This is PERFECT for a group of friends who like to be silly together.  Watching everyone put on their best sexy face and attempt to swing around on poles was absolutely hilarious. Added bonus: pole dancing is an amazing workout. The one downside was a few of us still had bruises from accidently banging into the pole that were slightly visible in our bridesmaid dresses the next weekend. Still totally worth it. Another similar idea might be taking a trapeze class.
Burlesque Show Most cities have different theaters that offer burlesque shows. Seattle has Can Can: Kitchen & Cabaret and I've loved the bachelorette dinners I've been to there. Burlesque is definitely not rated G, but it's not stripping either. I think most people would enjoy it. For me,  I'm not someone that likes to hop from bar to bar so I love going out to things like this that involve good food,  drinks and entertainment.
Cabin in the Woods Get away from it all. Rent a cabin and get out of town for a good old fashioned slumber party where you and your friends can let loose and dance around in your undies. Bring some good snacks, movies and maybe some bachelorette party games and you're set for the weekend. Or, if you're more outdoorsy, add in a hike or a long bike ride.
Wine Tasting Around Seattle, there are a many different vineyards and wineries within a few hours drive or how about a weekend in Napa or the Willamette Valley?  I'd recommend staying somewhere with a spa. Wine, pretty scenery, a massage, and relaxing in a hot tub, sounds like a perfect girls weekend to me!

What else have you guys done for bachelorette parties? I'd love to hear some other ideas in the comments!


  1. Great ideas! For my BFF's bach party, we hired a woman to come teach us how to give a lap about an awkwardly fun time! Another one I went to, we went to a drag show! That was hilarious.

  2. I lived in a city that was far away from the rest of my bridesmaids, so a bunch of girlfriends took me to dinner and a movie afterwards - complete with glow bracelets, tons of candy, and like 20 of those wine juice boxes from Target. It was SUCH a blast.

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