Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! You all are probably excited for the weekend and here I am leaving my mini getaway and coming back to work. Jason and I are traveling home today and gearing up for a wedding and couple of photo shoots this weekend. Here's hoping for sun in Seattle!

Check out vintage "Stars are just like us" photos, including the one above of Andy Warhol grocery shopping.

Dog-Shaming. HILARIOUS! Is there a version of this for cats? I'd have a few for that.

Make your own chai tea with this perfected recipe from our friend Amber.

Dreaming of a trip? Check out these 10 great travel sites from the New York Times.

Autumn DIY: get crafty using acorns. I love the wreath.

Great Halloween costume idea and Halloween cocktails .

Instead of a barrette, just sew your hair. 

Check out this new (awesomely creative) app full of gluten-free recipes from BabyCakes NY.

How often do you see a space shuttle driving down the street? 

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  1. Love the random photo. Just wanted to let you girls know I nominated you for a blog award! If you want to participate you can follow the directions on my blog. Keep up the the good work!