Back to Yoga

Well, autumn seems to have officially settled in and I'm starting to feel that dreary depression that comes with the cold, dark and rainy days.

Yoga is one of the many things Teresa discovered before me. She was pretty committed to yoga in college. I remember wondering why she went to all the trouble, and then I tried it and got hooked. The endorphins that come from the exercise and having an hour and a half to be away from the rest of life (email, phone, work, stress, etc.) is just the pick me up I need.  

I'm not super great at yoga. I'm fairly flexible, so I get excited when I can stretch farther than the more experienced people in my class, but anything that requires balance has me falling all over the place.

What do you do to avoid going crazy in winter months?

Another way I stay sane, trips to sunny places! I'm in LA, just for the day, gonna see Ellen! More on that later this week.


  1. I am addicted to yoga and realize I am a happier person when practicing it. Two weeks off for camp and meetings nearly did me in. Balance will come, Jenny!