Wedding Wednesday: Be the Best Bridesmaid

After being a part of so many weddings I've seen good bridesmaids and I've seen ones who, well, seem to forget the purpose of being a bridesmaid is to assist her friend, the bride. Here are a few tips to help anyone be a kick-ass bridesmaid that any bride would love to have standing next to them on their wedding day.

When you first get asked to be a bridesmaid...
Let your friend know you're willing to help however you can!  Let her know she can call on you for whatever she needs whether it's someone to address invitations, help with the planning, or just someone to chat with when things get crazy.

Months out...
Offer to host (or at least help with) a shower.

Be sure to buy the appropriate dress and any needed accessories in a timely manner. I can't tell you how many times I've seen bridesmaids wait too long to buy the dress and it's out of stock!

Begin to talk with the bride about what she wants for a bachelorette party, start to coordinate with the other bridesmaids on dates.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding...
Help throw that awesome bachelorette party.

Make sure you're wedding attire is good to go. If need be, get your dress altered.

Schedule any needed beauty appointments. Nails, hair, etc.

Offer to go with the bride to a dress fitting so you can learn how to help her put on her dress, do up the bustle, put in the veil, etc.

Plan ahead. Schedule time off work, line up a babysitter, do whatever you need to do to coordinate you life so you're available for the upcoming wedding.

Wedding Weekend...
ALWAYS BE EARLY! Don't add stress to the bride's life by running late at any point during the wedding festivities.

Remember all the things you need: dress, shoes, proper undergarments, etc.

If you want to go above and beyond, pack an emergency kit: bobby pins, hairspray, sewing kit and a quick stain remover are the essentials.

When getting ready, put the brides needs before your own. I can't tell you how many times I, as the photographer, have had to assist the bride with getting ready because her bridesmaids were too busy worrying about their own hair and makeup.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE smile in the photos! I can't tell you how many times I'm sorting though thousands of bridal party photos and there's always one person who isn't smiling or who isn't looking at the camera. Don't ruin your friends wedding photos, even if you don't like getting your photos taken, it won't kill you to cooperate and will make the day easier for everyone else involved.

Above all, don't forget that your main job is to serve your friend, so even when you find yourself in the middle of wedding madness, remember, she'd do the same for you.

Next week: Tips for the gentlemen on how to be a good groomsman.

Photos by JKoe Photography.


  1. Jenny.. I really liked this post. I am too old to be a bridesmaid but I think these are really great suggestions to anyone helping with a wedding. Weddings can be so stressful for the bride and everyone involved... the calm, helpful and prepared friends are so appreciated. I want to be that to my friends and family during wedding season. Thanks. Love your blog.

  2. Love it!!!!
    Already sent this post to my BFF so she'd be ready in the future =)))))))))

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