Yesterday, I flew down to LA for a very quick trip to watch my amazingly talented friends, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, perform on Ellen! They performed "Same Love", a beautiful song in support of marriage equality. The song features Mary Lambert, who's voice I love. You can check out her solo work here.

I flew down with Julie, Ryan (and Teresa's!) mom. We had a great time hanging out with the guys in the green room and watching the show tape from the audience. Also, it was interesting to get to peek around backstage a bit and see how much smaller sets always look in person. And Ellen too, she's short!

You can already watch their performance online here, or watch the show at 3pm today and try and spot me in the audience!

PS. In the confusion that always ensues when I'm forced to wake up at 4am, I forgot my iPhone at home and didn't get to take any photos. Oops. Thanks to @Wexington for posting this one on instagram!


  1. No wonder you weren't texting me photos! Can't wait to hear about this.

  2. That is so awesome! It is so exciting to see Macklemore getting so much coverage :)

  3. Wow, that is so exciting! I am bursting with Seattle pride!

  4. This is so great Jenny (and Teresa)! Super excited that you got to go to Ellen, and what a wonderful stage for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.