Christmas Shopping (Yes, Already!)

I'm a procrastinator with most things in life, but not with Christmas shopping.
A few years ago, I discovered if I start Christmas shopping in September, it makes the holiday season so much more enjoyable.

I hate crowds, I want to scream every time I hear that Christmas shoe song and I feel guilty every time I walk past a bell ringer and don't give them something, so avoiding the mall from Thanksgiving through New Years is the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

The added bonus of this, I feel like I've started to get much more creative with gifts. Instead of heading to a crowded department store on December 23rd and trying to find something for everyone in a few hours, I pick up gifts for people as they catch my eye throughout the fall. Teresa, your present is already in my closet!!!

Also, being a small business owner, I love being able to support other small businesses as well, both locally and on Etsy.

When do you start to shop for the holidays?
If you're looking for some ideas now, check out our Pinterest and stay tuned for some creative gift suggestions as the holidays get closer!


  1. I am totally the same way with shopping! I have a heart attack every time I try to shop in December. I love the At Home section of your blog's pinterest by the way, I'm going to attempt the feather gift wrapping technique that was pinned!

  2. I started making my Christmas gift ideas for family and friends at the end of August. I felt so so so so SO bad last year, when 80% of the gifts went unfinished. I'm getting a head start this year, as I'm making them all again!