Seattle Spotlight: One Stop Shop Before a Party

One of my favorite spots in Seattle is the Melrose Market on Capital Hill. I think it's the perfect pre-dinner-party stop because they have local artisnal cheeses, seafood, and meats, great wine selection, a fabulous flower shop, cute home decor store and three little restaurants to grab a quick drink or snack. Never arrive empty handed at a party again! 
PS. If you're gluten-free (or if you just love fresh food!) Homegrown at the front of the market is one of my favorite lunch not miss their cookies, TO DIE FOR.

(bottom photos mine, top Sunset)

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  1. Last week attended my cousin’s dinner party at one of event venues Chicago. Everything was really fantastic but what I loved the most was venue location and buffet. Many new dishes were introduced there. Had a great time there.