Wedding Wednesday: Be the Best Groomsman

So last week we talked about how to be the best bridesmaid, and this week it's the guys' turn...

Months before the wedding...

1. Let the groom (and bride) know that you're willing to help with whatever they might need. Who knows, they might need someone to try different beers for the reception. 
2.  Buy/rent your wedding day outfit. Don't put this off. You don't want to spend the wedding day cramming your size 11 feet into a size 8 shoe because that was all that was left by the time you got around to shopping for your stuff. 
3. Start thinking bachelor party. Remember that it doesn't just have to be a drunken night out on the town, maybe do a weekend trip? Golfing, skiing, camping, Vegas?

In the weeks leading up to the wedding...

4. Throw that awesome bachelor party. Let loose, have a wonderful time, just maybe make sure your friend doesn't wind up doing something he regrets or physically harming himself. Walking down the aisle with a cast = not fun. 
5. Look in the mirror. Do you need a haircut? Go get a haircut. 
6. Plan ahead. Schedule time off work, line up a babysitter, do whatever you need to do to coordinate you life so you're available for all the wedding festivities. 

Wedding Weekend...

7. Offer to help. Traditionally the Groom's parents put on the rehearsal dinner. Ask if there's anything you can do to help with that. If the groom isn't super tuned into planning, ask the bride if there is anything you can do to be helpful. Perhaps someone needs a ride from the airport or maybe there's set up/take down work to do on the wedding day. 
8. Have everything you need. The most common things guys forget is socks. Short white socks do not work with suits so be sure to bring dress socks in whatever color goes with your suit. If you want to be really nice, buy a couple extra pairs incase someone else forgets theirs. Oh and underwear, trust me, you don't want to go commando in a rented suit. 
9. Pay attention to all instructions and BE ON TIME! Take note of any instruction given to you by people in charge, where to stand, who to escort down the aisle, etc. and be ready to go when you're needed. 
11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE smile in the photos! Don't ruin your friends wedding photos, even if you don't like getting your photos taken, it won't kill you to cooperate. Usually, the faster people cooperate, the faster you'll be done with photos. 


  1. Ha, these are great! I think we focus to often on the bride and bridesmaids, but I find that the groomsmen are always willing to help, they just don't know what to do! This is a great reminder, and something that all guys should read :) Thanks for linking up today Jenny!


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