Superfood: Chia Seeds

Have you been seeing chia seeds everywhere like I have? Apparently they're the new trendy superfood, which means I of course had to try them. I'm reading they are a traditional South American plant used by the Mayas for their energizing qualities. They are high in protein, Omega 3, and antioxidants. Also, have you tried Mama Chia juice yet? It seriously tastes like liquid jam (in a good way). So delicious (and expensive, sad face).

PS. This Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding looks awesome (and vegan/GF!)

(image here)


  1. When I was told I had a dairy and an egg allergy (apparently it's actually just a sensitivity), I couldn't find a good egg replacement for baking and such, that didn't also contain dairy. THAT was annoying. I came across Chia seeds on and have since been using them as much as I can.

    I used them here:


    Now to get restaurants to use them instead of eggs...

  2. I add them into my oatmeal. Isn't it funny to know where Chia Pets came from? I didn't make the connection at first, my husband let me know that the two are related.