Wedding Wednesday: Wearing the Dress Again?

Ever wanted an opportunity to wear your wedding dress again?

This bride invited her guests to wear their wedding dresses to her masquerade themed wedding reception. It definitely added a fun twist to the night!

What are you planning to do with your dress after the big day? Will you wear it again? Just put it in a closet somewhere?

If you are married, where is your wedding dress now? Have you gotten a chance to put it on again?

I've always wanted to host a tea party for my girlfriends and we could all wear our wedding dresses.
It is such a shame that such beautiful dresses get only one day of wear.

(Image JKoe Photography)


  1. I love the idea of a tea party where y'all wear your wedding dresses! Adorable!

    Just stopping by from Wedding Wednesday!


  2. whoa! this is cool! If i had a wedding dress, I'd want to wear it to dance in at another reception! It would be fun to be in a room full of wedding dress wearing women too! like this photo.

  3. I would come to your tea party in my wedding dress! Heck yes! :)

  4. OH my gosh that's so fun! I never even thought about wearing my wedding dress again, but I really love this idea! I might need to steal it someday, once all my friends are married...

    Thanks for linking up this week my dear!


  5. As long as it is a wedding dress themed party then it goes well.

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  6. I want to have my dress made into a christening gown for my babies. I'd love to think I came up with it, but I stole the idea from a girlfriend (its what her grandmother had done).

  7. I donated mine less than a week after our wedding.

  8. I'm hoping to be able to bring my dress out on our anniversaries.

  9. I'm hoping to be able to bring my dress out on our anniversaries.

  10. I am going to attend another wedding of my friend at cool wedding venues. I am also wearing my wedding gown that day. I am super excited and hope to enjoy to the fullest.