Summertime in Perth

Yes, I'm finally getting around to posting about the Australasia Tour from March. 

While we were on tour, at least one person in every city would ask me what my favorite stop had been so far. I pretty much always just told them that wherever they were from was the best.  Now, having had time to process everything, it's much easier to pick favorites. 

Perth was definitely high on the list. It was one of my favorite shows, it just had a great, blissful vibe. There were carnival rides and a constant breeze was swirling confetti everywhere. I overheard teenaged concert goers talking about how they had to go back to school the following week and realized the vibe I'd been feeling the whole night was that sort of end of the summer, last hurrah. It was wonderfully nostalgic and I bought right in- from making confetti angles to climbing the fences in the dark with the cricket team to play a night game under the stadium lights, it was like we were kids again, and only had a few days left to enjoy it. 

The next day, we really got to play. We took a boat to Rottness Island, I was THRILLED to put on my swimsuit and truly enjoy the end of the southern hemisphere's summer.  It was very choppy getting out there and back, but island was worth the waves and being doused by waves while hanging on for dear life and singing at the top of my lungs was part of the adventure. We played in the sand, swam and ate an endless supply of gummy candy, laid in the sun and danced on the boat. It was the type of summer day high school kids have in movies, minus the backstabbing and boyfriend stealing.  I was hanging with the cool kids (who all miraculously like me!), I had a boyfriend (well, husband) to dance with on the deck of an amazing yacht while listening to 90's hip hop. REJOICE, I'm 30 and finally managed to have high school Jenny's perfect day. 

On the way back, we got a great tour of the river and waterfront downtown. Jason and I had a cute moment, then this happened. I'd always imagined Perth to be some small outpost of a town, but it's actually a decent sized city.* All in all, I want to go back! 

*I should probably admit, my previous knowledge of Perth was solely obtained from articles written about Heath Ledger circa 2000. In honor of Heath, forever my favorite Perthian, and to continue my kick of nostalgia, I watched Ten Things I Hate About You on the flight leaving Perth :).

Photos by Jason, who was working while the rest of us were having fun. 

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