Uxibal in Seattle

If you're in Seattle, do yourself a favor and stop by Moorea Seal in Belltown. Britini Port, designer of Uxibal is in town and she's brought lots of fun things to sell!

Uxibal is a brand that I love, because it combines beautiful hobo-chic styles with a mission to provide employment and opportunity for underprivileged people, something I'm passionate about.

Britini started Uxibal in Guatemala after working int he Peace Corps there as a way to create jobs for Guatemalans. Britini says, "We focus on employing Mayan women because they are traditionally the most underprivileged in Guatemala. They have limited access to education, are married at a young age, and have high birth rates—all of which add up to a striking social and economical disadvantage."

Uxibal draws inspiration from traditional hand-weaving, incorporating the bright colors and patterns into the designs, bringing traditional indigenous craft and design to a wider audience.

Come shopping with me!

The Uxibal pop up shop will be at Moorea Seal, on 3rd and Vine, kicking off Wednesday June 25th from 5-8pm. Uxibal products will be available in store through July 12th.

PS. If you aren't in Seattle, check out Uxibal online

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