Friday Roundup

It's a somber day in Seattle after the shooting at SPU yesterday. My sister went to school there, countless other friends have as well. I'm thankful that everyone I know is safe and saying a prayer for the people who can't say the same.

With that, I encourage you, go out and celebrate life today! Be thankful that you are alive. Hug your mom. Hug your friends. Hug a stranger. Tell someone how much they mean to you.

Another good way to enjoy being alive today, celebrate National Doughnut/Donut Day!

"7 Reasons to Bring Back Thank You Notes"

Ryan is hilarious on Fallon.

Loving all of this wallpaper, but a little afraid to commit.

Africa is not a country- pointing out myths about the developing world. 

Check out this list of best shows of the year thus far to see what to catch up on this summer.

I get that this is for kids, but I want to make one for me!

Interesting perspective on healthy babies.

Photo above shot by Bob Wick via @usinterior. This is one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow, I wake up every morning to a beautiful photo from somewhere in the US. A reminder that we live in a beautiful world.

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