Seattle Spotlight: Book Bindery

On Saturday Patrick and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary by hiring a babysitter and going out on a date (which we both decided we need to do more often!). We got all spruced up and hit the town in the rain. We started with cocktails at one of our favorite cozy restaurants on the southern bank of the ship canal, Book Bindery. Being there reminded me that I wanted to do a post about this special little restaurant.

Parking is simple, the views are lovely and reminded us of European canals, the food and cocktails are top notch and the ambiance in general is perfect for a date or intimate dinner gathering. You can actually hear yourselves talk! (Yes, I'm turning into an old lady). My favorite part is that about half of the dinning area is in a greenhouse-style atrium so you feel like you're eating al fresco even when it's cold and rainy, which let's face it, this is Seattle. Patrick and I shared the truffle fries this time (ATTN: Jenny!) and they were a tasty compliment to our fancy cocktails. Bon appetite! 

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