Healthy Lunches

Anybody have any healthy lunch ideas or cookbooks?

I am in a bad habit of buying lunch at work everyday and now that Mylo is eating three meals a day we need to get a loose "meal plan" going at our house. I'd love to make up a big batch of a couple of things on the weekend that we could eat throughout the week. I'm thinking chicken breast, quinoa, lentils, couscous, pasta....

Have you ever made the "salad in a jar" thing? Some of these recipes look good from the Kitchn. Would love any blog/recipe/Pinterest resources from readers!


  1. I love making fiesta bowls for lunch! Ill just make a bunch of chicken or turkey on Sunday with Mrs. Dash taco seasoning and put that in bowls with either brown rice, black beans, and whatever veggies I have on had (peppers,onions, cucumber etc) then top it off with avocado of course! so good and I never get tired of them!

  2. I force myself to make a meal plan for at least 5 days every Sunday and buy everything that day. Sometimes it's hard to get inspired, but it makes coming home and cooking dinner every night after work that much easier. I also find it helps me shop smarter- if I buy cilantro I try to use it in at least 2 meals to save money and waste less. I try to cook dinners that make tasty leftovers or can be "lunchified" by turning them into a salad or sandwich.