Friday Roundup

Tomorrow, it is officially summer! I hope you get to enjoy the solstice this weekend. According to this, Seattle only gets 58 clear days a year. That's definitely motivation for me to be outside every chance I get while the sun is here. I'm determined to enjoy every ounce of summer that I can and I'm looking forward to s'mores in the backyard, floating in Green Lake and outdoor yoga at the sculpture park. I'm determined to make it a great summer.

For more summer inspiration, here's an activity checklist. 

Marry Poppins and feminism.

If only more celebrities would do this...

Birthday cake jello shots (Teresa sent me this, I thought, "Ooohhh, this looks good, who's birthday is next...Mylo! Oh wait, maybe not.")

Do you have what it takes to live happily ever after?

For anyone else who loves celebrities reading mean tweets, this is super interesting.

OK Go kills it again with a crazy video.

Just a little PSA on driving...

If you grew up in Seattle or went to UW, you'll appreciate this tribute to the 520 ramps to nowhere, which will soon be gone. (My version is slightly different and goes something like this: goodbye bridge that Teresa & I jumped off in college, leaving me bruised for the rest of the summer and afraid to jump off of anything, ever again.)

According to this I'm 42. Yikes!

More beautiful photos from Vivian Maier

Vintage Green Lake postcard 

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