Project Pinterest: Moss Graffiti*

*I originally wanted to title this post "That Time I Put Dirt in My Food Processor", but in the end, I thought that the simpler and less threatening title of "Moss Graffiti might get more readers...

I've been wanting to try moss graffiti ever since the dead of winter when my sister first pinned it. Unfortunately moss doesn't really grow in January so I've bided my time, and last weekend my sister and I went for it. 
After checking out a few different "recipes" for mixing up moss, I went with this one from Apartment Therapy. Why? Because it seemed the simplest and only involved a quick walk to Whole Foods for buttermilk, everything else I had on hand: sugar, check; plethora of moss, check. 

They tell you to use a blender to mix up the moss mixture, I chose to use my food processor, mainly because I think it's easier to clean. 
For our first attempt, we chose to make a sort of chevron striped pattern on the back fence. Painting with this moss goop mixture isn't easy. 
So here it is, in all it's brown, not grown glory, seriously, it looks like someone painted mud onto my fence right now. Even though I've managed to kill every plant I've ever owned, I still have high hopes for this one! I'll be sure to let you know if anything sprouts. 

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