Family Trip to Southern Cali

Last week we took a family trip to Southern California to visit Patrick's aunt and uncle, Kathy and Mike. They live north of LA in Ventura County and were SO generous to welcome us and our extremely energetic toddler into their home for a week. After all the sickness and busyness of this winter it was absolutely wonderful to relax and soak up some Californian sun. Mylo had a blast playing at the beach as you can see above. He wanted to run back and forth "like a jet."

Speaking of jet's, he was SOO excited to be going on a plane. For the most part he was a good little traveler (a few meltdowns along the way, after all, he is two) and we made it there and back in tact. 
We explored a lot of Ventura County with visits to Ojai, Carpenteria, Santa Barbara and Oxnard Beach. My favorite was probably Ojai, we had a wonderful time exploring Bart's Books (an outdoor bookstore!), the Sunday farmer's market, and may cute shops (FIG was my favorite!). We also had a wonderful breakfast at the Ojai Cafe Emporium that included an amazing croissant cinnamon roll!

Kathy and Mike babysat for us one afternoon/evening so we could meet up with my friend Jenn and explore the new Broad Museum in downtown LA. We had a great time learning about modern art and drinking margaritas without the toddler!
We celebrated my birthday with lots of dessert, pasta and a fun hat that Mylo couldn't get enough of. Thanks Mike and Kath for a wonderful week! 



  1. My sister was married in Ojai, such a fun town! Also - are you wearing maternity overalls in the swing picture?! So cute!