Happy Birthday Stephanie!

 When your sister turns 30, the best thing to do is fly half way around the world to celebrate with her!

I think I've mentioned it before, my sister Stephanie lives on Jeju Island, South Korea where she teaches at an international school. I was in cahoots with one of Steph's friends and co-workers who was able to get other teachers in on it, switch her class schedule around and make everything perfect!

Stephanie has no idea I was coming, she didn't even think her co-workers or students knew it was her birthday, so she was surprised enough when the technology teacher called her into her room and all of Stephanie's students were wearing party hats and sang happy birthday to her. Then they said there was a present for her in the other room, and naturally, since the kids were so excited about it, Stephanie thought it must be some sort of cookie or treat for everyone, but it was me!!!

I'm just here for a few days, but so glad I was able to make it work to come see her and celebrate. 

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