Friday Roundup

Hello from Jeju! I'm a head of you all in getting to the relaxing as it's already Saturday morning here. I plan on drinking green tea lattes and looking out at the sea. We're going for a walk on the trail above later today. And of course I'll be stocking up on my favorite  face masks!  I hope you have a lovely weekend too! Especially Teresa, who's birthday is Sunday!

Meanwhile, back in Seattle... great food+cocktails 

"Healthy" cookies, made with avocado

Jennifer Aniston's thoughts on age, I really appreciate her philosophy.

For all of you missing Downton Abbey... 

A nail polish I might actually be capable of putting on myself! 

A throwback to BTS of Little House on the Prairie

Decluttering your home, always something I'm looking for tips on.

Image above from For Those Who Love South Korea

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