Just Trying to Get By...

Believe it or not, Mylo and I have come down with another round of colds. He was sick for most of our trip to CA and I fear I may have strep throat. It actually has me contemplating pulling him out of daycare so that we can heal and rest before the new baby comes at the end of May. I'm tired of hearing myself complain about being sick and we are all SO run down from the endless barrage of illnesses that have plagues us since September. 

Speaking of our trip to CA, can't wait to share some photos next week with all of you. It was incredibly relaxing and just what I needed. We stayed with Patrick's aunt and uncle in Ventura Co. and were completely spoiled and pampered for the week. I told my sister I wish I could just live there until the baby comes and she was like "Yes! Like the old days when people were like -- I'm going to live with my aunt in the country until the new arrival." I WISH!! 

Anyway, thanks for commiserating with me and I do hope to be back to more regular blogging in the near future. 

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