Would You Stay in a Hostel with Your Kids?

The last time I stayed in a hostel was April of 2011 in Belfast, Ireland. We were living in Dublin at the time and traveled up to Belfast with my brother and some friends. We booked two rooms and my friend's husband was kind enough to switch with me so that us girls could have our own room and the boys bunked in together. The trouble was there was music blasting until 4am. When we checked out the next morning I looked Patrick in the eyes and said, "I will never stay in a hostel again." I was 27 years old at the time and decided that my hostels days were at an end.

These hostels may just make me change my mind though! All of these spots are family friendly and boast a lot of unique features that seem so fun for kids. Would you stay in one?

Cozy and family friendly this place is adorable...

Costa Verde 727 Fuselage, Costa Rica
Yes, this is a hostel in a plane. CRAZY!

Freehand Miami, Florida
I WILL stay here. This is the place that started my wild goose chase of family friendly hostels. 

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  1. You know I would in the right location - not sure most of Europe would be ideal because you'd be among lots of backpacker, party-goer types... Having said that, these look adorable, the plane is totally out of LOST! Also, the hostel we stayed in Tokyo was very family-friendly, I think depending on the country it could be a great budget option for vacationing (and depending on the age of your kids).