"Working" in Los Angeles...

While Teresa's enjoying her vacation. I'm working from LA for the next few days.

I use "working" fairly loosely because we shot an awesome wedding this weekend that was basically us getting to hang out some fun and very creative people (photos to come tomorrow!)  and now I've stayed for a few more days to work on a project with my friend Ash Lendzion. We're writing a script! Ash is a former college roommate of Teresa and mine. She's an actress and writer and an all around hilarious person who has done a bunch of script writing, but for me, this is the first thing I've attempted to write (well, other than this blog). Its the type of thing we've talked about doing for a long time, and then actually came up with an idea worth working on. Obviously if it turns out to be amazing, you'll be hearing plenty more about it :)

Anyhow, after a long day of  creativity, Ash and I walked from her place in Studio City to Spitz for some Mediterranean Street Food and it was bomb. They had four different varieties of sangria. Of course I loved the one with lavender.

And then, there were these. Streetcar Fries covered in goodness. We also shared a plate of veggies with hummus and tzatziki and the Streetcar Doner, which is an amazing wrap. I'd recommend it all. 

Somehow, after a whole day spent with Ash, this is the only photo I have to show. Just think of her as the new Wilson. You know, the neighbor from Home Improvement? Maybe you'll never see all of her face.

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