I'm heading home from Montreal today after a lovely impromptu couple of days relaxing and exploring Montreal solo. I'm realizing I've never actually been on vacation by myself before, and honestly, I'm still not sure whether I'd do it again on purpose. It wasn't meant to be a solo trip, Jason was supposed to be up here for work this week, but plans changed last minute and he was needed in Seattle instead. In my head, I'm already referring to this trip as "Montreallalone" Get it? Hehe.

It's been a crazy month of projects, and I was really hoping to have a couple of days with Jason. Even though he would have been working, we would have been away from the rest of our busy lives and the endless to do lists. But it seems I was meant to be alone for a few days instead. As you might be able to guess by this, somewhat atypical, overly introspective blog post, a couple days alone with my thoughts might have been exactly what I needed.

Mainly, I need to stop worrying. In the course of a few hours, I went from worrying about what I would do all alone for 3 days now that Jason wasn't going to be joining me in Montreal, to worrying that 3 days alone in Montreal wasn't enough time to do everything I wanted to! It's like my brain doesn't know what to do with itself if it isn't fixated on worrying about something.

One of my favorite things about travel, is the ability to see your life from a distance. Somehow, looking back at all the things I need to do when I'm home doesn't look quite as daunting from far away. I love feeling refreshed and just a little homesick, just enough to make me look forward to going home. A break from my reality always leaves me in a better state of mind, relaxed and ready to tackle life without overly obsessing about the things I cannot control and more appreciative of the people that I missed while I was in Montreal all alone.

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