Studio Update...

We've had our studio space since March and we're still not quite fully settled in. But we're very close! Amidst being all over the place for different projects, we've slowly been putting it together.

I do love that since we've taken the time to put things together we've ended up with some really unique pieces. Above, is a closeup of a set of vintage wooden lockers we picked up at District in Georgetown. Judging by the random things I've cleaned out of them, and the name card above, they seem to have belonged to Yellow Cab back when phone numbers started with words!

Here's a peek of the "living room" was a big goal of ours to make the space cozy and inviting. We want clients, artists, friends, everyone really, to feel at home. Can you spot my slippers in the photo above?  I like to wear them around the office while working! 

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