2017 Goals for Jenny

I've had this list done for awhile and haven't posted it b/c I hadn't managed to take a photo to go with it! This is the type of thing I do all the time! I put off things for one reason or another, and then even something that's supposed to be fun and not stressful like blogging becomes another thing on the endless to do list in my head that keeps me up at night. Arg. So you get this makeup free selfie of me and the GIANT pile of stuff waiting to be donated. Another thing I'd been putting off for SO long and have no idea why because it feels SO GOOD to have an organized house! So, in honor of all of this we are adding....

Do things ASAP instead of stressing about them. 

Whether it's posting a post with a less than perfect photo or not putting off a boring work task, just getting things done makes life so much easier. As you'll see below, this will tie in nicely with the last goal on the list. :) 

And without further adieu, the rest of the list that I made weeks ago...

Go on an actual vacation. 

Not just a "I was here in this cool place for work and happened to get an afternoon off to do something fun but instead fell asleep on the beach and got this terrible sunburn" but actually go somewhere with the sole purpose of hanging out with Jason and maybe some friends and relaxing and not working!

Be good at yoga! 

This means I'll actually have to go regularly, or practice on my own when I can't get to a class and keep it up longer than just a month here or there. I. WILL. DO. YOGA. REGULARLY. ALL. YEAR.

Cook more and continue eating healthy. 

Sunbasket has been super helpful with inspiring me to try cooking new things, now to branch out a little from that...

FINISH a writing project. 

I've started scripts and other projects by myself and with friends. But I want to actually finish something and do something with it.

Better educate myself on the world around me. 

Specifically, I want know more about systemic racism in the U.S. and the situation in Syria.

Learn to better handle stress.  

This has been my biggest issue of 2016. I'd say I've made big strides in the right direction in 2016. But most of that has been in choosing to avoid stress. The reality is, life is stressful, and I won't always be able to choose to walk away from stressful projects, people, situations, etc. So now the goal is to better equip myself to handle those things.


  1. Remember all those organizational purchases from Marshall's the other day? You go, Jenny!