Goodbye Amsterdam!

After a month away, I'm back in Seattle.

Along with a cute pink raincoat, some new shoes and gifts I stuffed in my suitcase coming home, I'm bringing with me a changed perspective.

The project Jason directed (I'll post it when it's out!) was produced by an awesome production company based in Amsterdam. Thanks to the amazing people we worked with, I learned first hand that attitudes towards work/life balance seem totally different in Amsterdam than in the U.S. Personal wellbeing is a priority there, whether for yourself or for your co-workers. The idea that being caught up on sleep, taking time out for vacations and being with your family, even going for a walk, getting fresh air or doing yoga- all of these things make you more productive in the hours you're working. And overall, the idea that there are more important things in life than work- this is what I take home with me.

The silly thing is, all of these pressures to work more and work longer hours and never vacation, these are ideas I've forced on myself since I run the company I work for! It's time to make a change.

So today, I will do yoga at noon, and I won't feel guilty that I should be somewhere else working. I will be present there. And tonight, I'll make Jason sit down and eat dinner with me. Something we haven't done at home in ages.

Fun posts about my time in Amsterdam and Lisbon coming soon! 

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