I woke up this morning and jumped on Twitter a little too soon. There are so many things continually going on (mostly politically) which are infiltrating my day to day life and thoughts way more than I want. Tomorrow I'm going to try and put some of my thoughts and feelings into a post, but for today, the first day of spring, I'm going to revel in it for a minute.

One thing I've been reminded of lately, it's important to celebrate the little things that so often get overlooked. Spring is a season of rebirth and today, I'm taking a minute to sit in the joy and hope that I find each year on the first day of spring.

Here are some things I'm looking forward to about spring:

The lilac bush (which is really more of a tree) in my backyard.

Eating outside, whether it's in my yard or at a cute little restaurant.

Walking places instead of driving.

Not being constantly cold.

Color! I love that there's more of it from all directions, flowers blooming, brighter clothes, even that added saturation from more sunlight.

The cherry blossoms at UW, which are less than a week away! 

I'm going to try my hand at gardening, yet again. Just something little, a couple of small herb plants that I hopefully won't instantaneously kill.

Fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market.

An overall better feeling of health, because I'm outside and breathing fresh air, and just in a better mood from it all.

Really, the image that comes to mind, when I think of spring, is sipping prosecco on a patio with friends. The season of hibernation is over and people want to come out and play again!

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